We Are Transforming This Planet.We Are Working To Eliminate The Root Causes Of Fear,Violence, Manipulation,Human Ignorance,Pain And Suffering.We Are Looking For New Ways To Heal And Restore People On The Inside,To Uplift Human Consciousness And To Align Humanity With The Universe And Eternity.     
Renata Leuffen is a persecuted Philosopher,Singer and Songwriter,Writer,Inspirational and Motivational Speaker and Educator with a   difficult and abusive childhood and a life full of traumas and tragedies who has been living in exile since 1992.  

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 "You Are My Fairy Tale Prince"


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We Are Facilitating The Most Advanced And Prosperous Society That Has Ever Existed On This Planet!
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                                                                              " Hi Renata Leuffen     
                                                          When I'm tired, feeling alone or a bit stressed, you lift me up.   
You might be surprised but, it's not so much the words you use in your messages that lift me but, you, your being.  
You vibrate or perhaps I could say, you radiate a unique something, it's certainly rare whatever it is. Thank you, I see 'Beneth Your Beautiful'.  
                                          Keep up the good work and spread love, more, and more, till only love exists!   "

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                                           Dance "Supernatural Help"

We want to fill this planet with HAPPY PEOPLE

The generations before us have built a society in which people suffer and are unhappy. Most people are not fulfilling their destiny and potential. Our children are raised in a system that is built on fear, punishment and selection. The majority of our children are not loved, in the way that they need to be loved. Many people feel stuck and do not know how to grow. 
We live in a universe of love and light. Happiness, joy, ease, abundance, revelation and benevolence are the DNA of our universe. The question is: How can we create a new society in which people are enlightened and happy and living in alignment with the universe?
The truth is that we have the same DNA as the universe. But, sadly, we are running on outdated, negative and destructive programs. The solution is: We have to build a new modern and humane society on the model of the universe. This means that we need to expand our human consciousness and work through our intuition in harmony with the eternal consciousness of the universe. We have to discard all destructive and limiting beliefs and open our consciousness up to receive the truth.
The society of the future does already exist and it is our task to manifest it in the present, in the now. The new society will be the most advanced and prosperous society that has ever existed on this planet. The new paradigm is the transformation of our love-less society into a loving society.
                Dance "Supernatural Protection" 
 "We want to spiritually awaken all of humanity. This shift from being spiritually asleep to being spiritually awake is already happening at an accelerated rate everywhere on this planet. More and more people are waking up. The future will see an enlightened and awakened humanity living on this planet."
Renata Leuffen                     
The future is                            
             An enlightened humanity              An awakened humanity  

                 Dance "Romantic Bagpie Dance"                                                                   Song "The God Of Love Has Sent me"


                    Song "Always"                                                                                         Talk "Should You And I Commit Suicide If We Have No Money?"

         A new society with free and happy men, women and children.

       A society in which people have been liberated to truly love and trust themselves.

A society that goes into the right direction. A society in which enlightened men, women and children prepare themselves for eternity and their destinies as immortal, everlasting, everliving spirit beings.

The question is: When will we realize that what we call evil has no power and that evil does only exist because we permit it? And, when will we understand how powerful we really are? And, when will we reach out to each other in pure love and not in fear?

Life is pure love. We are struggling, fighting, making war and destroying this planet, ourselves and our children because we are disconnected from the source of all life: The Light. The light of life. The light of understanding. The light of eternity. The light of revelation. The light of peace. The light of intuition. The light of healing. The light of unlimited supply. At the core of our being we are the light of life. We were never meant to live in the darkness. We were not created to suffer. We were not made to do evil. We were never meant to be separated from the light and we suffer because we are separated from the light. And the light is within us.



                    Song "You Are A Noble Man"

Song "The Witches Tried To Kill Me Many Times"

We work to inspire and to enlighten



                  Talk "Good Intentions"               

Join us on our supernatural journey and get awakened   

Renata Leuffen Corporation was founded in 2013 and produces a new form of inspirational and modern entertainment to elevate the state and consciousness of humanity.
Renata Leuffen explains, "I am on a supernatural journey and I share my journey with the intention that I empower my fans and audience to embark and proceed on their own individual journeys. I receive my ideas supernaturally, the universe creates through me. So far, all of my songs, dances, talks and teachings have been unrehearsed. Everything that has been recorded and filmed, has been spontaneous, natural and raw. I do not work to impress anyone. I do not seek the approval of people. I do not want to be admired or idolized. I want to help people to heal and I spend time consistently to heal my past, my heart and my life.
People have told me that I have a healing ministry and I was surprised when I heard this because I just do what I do without analyzing it. I am convinced, and this beyond any doubt, that the universe is transmitting light into me and through me onto this planet and into people, and this light heals, illuminates, strengthens, builds up, and inspires. I want to connect humanity with light, with the universe, with God, with the source of all life. I have a long-term view and I am building my work up for the next 50, 100 years and longer. I am certain that I will live for a minimum of 150 years and even 350 years on this planet. This may sound strange, but then, everything about me is strange and is meant to be strange. I will probably become the first 100 year old singer and songwriter.
                   Talk "Free Supply"
I am working on the Philosophy of Love, a new model for the society of the future or better said, the society of eternity because our society is not only temporal but also eternal.I hope that I will find more time to write as I get older. I believe that the greatest discoveries in philosophy, science, medicine, physics, ethics,psychology and education will be made in the future - which is actually in the now as we can travel forward and backwards in time - as humanity becomes more enlightened and awakened. What is awakening? One definition that I use is that it's the realization that all is love and that all is one. If I can convince humanity that the universe is a universe of love and that life and love and happiness are synonymous, then I will fulfill my mission.
It is a bit inconvenient but the truth that we have to renew everything: our education system, our governments, our corporations, our religious systems and our media. Music and literature will change. The way we raise our children will change. The way we live will change. The way we think will change. The way we die will change.
The question is: when will humanity be finally set free to love, be able and empowered to love and understand that love is the greatest power in this universe and in eternity? And love is light and light is everything. Light is the essential nourishment for our souls and spirits. The destiny of humanity is to live forever in the light. And the truth is that we are light."


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We produce a variety of teachings. We have currently teaching series on "Depression" and "The Enlightened Society".


    Video Motivation Series "On Depression" on YouTube     




                         Song "On Depression" (from Album "In Circles")


"DEPRESSION: A State Of Grief And Sorrow"   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1jGQWuz3No
"DEPRESSION: Flipping: A Technique To Reverse Depression"    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twzfg94PJCg
"DEPRESSION: What To Do To Overcome Depression"    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XY7ILLQIYHE
 "Depression: Why Do So Many People Have Depression?"   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jHPks6w-8c
 "Depression: What Causes Depression?"   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8b-o5tx57E
 "DEPRESSION: How To Overcome Depression"   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttO_fuQnxMc


  Video Teaching Series "The Enlightened Society" on YouTube  



"THE ENLIGHTENED SOCIETY: Humanity Is An Eternal Community"   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4v7pM1Irby8
"THE ENLIGHTENED SOCIETY: Humanity Has An Eternal Destiny"  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxMNZcDGM2s
"THE ENLIGHTENED SOCIETY: Building On Justice,Love,Peace And Freedom"   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cAaSkc5v824
"THE ENLIGHTENED SOCIETY: Eliminating Evil From This Planet"   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPlDNeW_f5Y
"THE ENLIGHTENED SOCIETY: An Advanced And Prosperous Humanity"   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ud5Q_OGNhMs
"THE ENLIGHTENED SOCIETY: A World Full Of Love"    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSJbI_Hh1C8


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Song "I Will Not Serve The Devil"

Work together with us for the Renewal of the Education System, Governments, Corporations and Individuals!



Song "I Shall Not Be Homeless In This Big City"


   Listen to the Song "You Are My Fairy Tale Prince"             


Song "You Are My Fairy Tale Prince" from the Album "You Are My Fairy Tale Prince"






   "You Are My Fairy Tale Prince"






   Renata Leuffen and Pope John Paul II (Rome,1.8.1990)  



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Renewal of the Education System

children in class, school children
“The whole educational and professional training system is a very elaborate filter, which just weeds out...
happy children playing in nature
The sky is black and sprinkled with stars. I hear the ocean, the waves are pushing against the shore. The...
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We adults in the so called advanced countries are the lost generation. And so are the adults in the countries...
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The greatest ideas, works and inventions are not created in an office, they never have and they never will be...

Renewal of governments

Plato, the Greek philopsopher, wrote around 360 B.C. about the lost continent of Atlantis and described it in...
iran,iran and nuclear war between Israel and Iran
Will there be a war between Israel and Iran? And if there will be a war, who will start it, Israel or Iran or...
colony on Mars
Today I swam with the fishes in the ocean. I spent a wonderful day on the beach in Spain, in one of its most...
 There is a highest government that reigns over the entire universe that we know about and perhaps even...

Renewal of Corporations

Steve Jobs,Apple
Peter Drucker wrote in his book "Management Challenges for the 21st Century" that “one  cannot manage...
coca cola vending machine
Machine-To-Machine or M2M is a wireless technology that can do amazing things that simplify life and...
employees at an exhibition
This morning I contacted Amazon because 2 halogen heaters that I had bought a while ago had broken down. I...
boss explaining
"All the problems of the world could be settled easily if men were only willing to think."-- Thomas J. Watson...

Renewal of individuals

professor with students,teachers
The power must lie with the people. We need people in all spheres of life who can lead, spiritually,...
We love to hear the stories of people who got rich because they inspire us. For example, there is the story...
ballee dancer
How are you today? Weary? Depressed? Are you thinking about suicide? Perhaps you are hurting, perhaps the...
I had known Peter for a long time. He worked at the local supermarket. He was a nice guy, One day he told me...

Eternity & Eternal life

A philosopher's pladoyer to stop causing pain because we take our pain from Earth with us into eternity ...
Are you really happy? Are you happy all the time or only sometimes? What makes you happy?Do you feel loved,...
For death is no more than a turning of us over from time to eternity.   - William Penn-I want to share a...
I knew before my son Danny was born that he would be a boy, and no one believed me. It was not, that my son's...


You are so kind and so wonderfully gracious – to me.You clothe me in your love.You are so honest and so...
The love that we have for each other-The love that we share-Is about being loved and having someone to love-...
Lost Children While the lost children still walk in darkness,I see a great bright light ahead of me....
The apple trees are in full bloom. It is spring. Sparrows and red tits sing. Nature at its best. An ocean of...

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Renata is a powerful motivational speaker.She inspires every audience. She speaks on many topics,e.g. justice,equality,death,eternity,self development, financial freedom,education.

  • Featured video

    This is a song of appreciation for all my fans,you are wonderful.A free donwload and free streaming of the song are available at http://www.reverbnation.com/renataleuffen THANK YOU,I LOVE YOU. And I am so in love with my fairy tale prince.
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    "I believe that our lives contain a wonderful purpose and destiny.We need to discover why we are on this planet and how we can fill this planet with love and light.We need to understand the meaning of our lives.For me,this is love.I work to express...
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    "It is night.I am all alone in the countryside in this old building that is over a thousand years old.And I have an open conversation with God.I like to ask God uncomfortable questions.I like to speak the truth.I want to understand better why people...
  • Featured video

    Philosopher and Singer Renata Leuffen is tired of rules and regulations.In her song "Turn Around" she has a conversation with the God of True Love and asks him to turn her life around which he does.The message of this song is to believe in the God...
  • Featured video

    It is important that we know why we are on this planet,what our individual life purpose and destiny is.If we know our calling,we are no longer bothered by difficulties,setbacks and disappointments and impossibilities because we know that we will...
  • Featured video

    "We live in a loveless world that is based on fear and most people have never experienced true love and do not know what love is.We are beings of love and were created by love and for love.As a humanity,we are missing our destiny and going the wrong...
  • Featured video

    True and lasting happiness cannot be found in this world which is only temporary and limited.All great people like Jesus and Mahatma Gandhi have discovered that the source of happiness is within us and in God and that we have to connect to God to...
  • Featured video

    We live on a broken planet which is full of broken people. If we want to continue to exist as a humanity then healing is not optional but mandatory and urgent.It is urgent that we heal as individuals and cities and nations and that we heal our...
  • Featured video

    Depression is a negative state that can affect anyone and that holds millions of people in mental and emotional captivity.We need to understand depression because it is so destructive.We also need to understand people who are suffering from...
  • Featured video

    Philosopher,Singer,Educator,Speaker and Writer Renata Leuffen is totally moved by human pain and suffering and shares her vision of a happy humanity that is liberated and enlightened.She talks about the most advanced and enlightened society that has...
  • Featured video

    Philosopher and CEO Renata Leuffen talks about the importance of justice for our daily lives and how important justice is to secure the future of humanity. Leuffen describes love as the perfection of love and peace as the expression of justice. She...
  • Featured video

    Renata Leuffen has always lived in the supernatural. When her son Danny died in 2011 at the age of 27, she received supernatural confirmation that her son is alive, on the other side of eternity. We may call this place Heaven or bliss or paradise....


                                 THE LONDON YOUTH EXPRESS                    
Renata Leuffen is also the CEO and Founder of the London Youth Express,a company specifically dedicated to the healing, restoration, empowerment, enlightenment and awakening of children and young people.
Visit www.londonyouthexpress.com and the London Youth Express Entertainment Channel on YouTube at www.youtube.com/user/renataleuffen                 


                 Song "The Seer Woman Said That You Will Enter My Life In 2016"

Listen for free to the music of the London Youth Express at www.reverbnation.com/londonyouthexpress
The London Youth Express produces talks, teachings, publications and music for and about children and young people. 
The London Youth Express released its first Music Album "We Are The New Generation" in November 2014.


                                     Renata Leuffen in EDUCATION                               


 Read educational articles by Renata Leuffen on Academia.Edu at http://renataleuffen.academia.edu/RenataLeuffen

Renata Leuffen's inspirational articles and videos scored among the top 4% by 30-days views on Academia.Edu in December 2014, January 2015 and February 2015.




    Download for FREE "LEUFFEN v. GERMANY on Home Schooling ECHR 1992"        

Renata Leuffen is an advocate of the freedom of education and learning and the choice to educate children at home. She filed 7 complaints for the freedom of education and learning before the German Supreme Court. In 1992 one of those complaints came before the European Commission of Human Rights. The European Commission rejected the right of parents to home school their children. Read and download the decision.
                           The Freedom Of Education And A Modern Education System                         
"I stand for a free and enlightened, modern and humane education system. I have been persecuted because of my point of view, and my position is that children and adults must be free. I define freedom not as rebellion but as responsibility, creativity, growth, expansion, individuality, joy and happiness.
If we look into nature we see that every tree grows and grows, bears fruit and expresses itself as a tree and all that a living tree is and has obviously some form of consciousness of what it really is. It is sad and totally unacceptable that we have children and adults in our society who do not grow, who are kept prisoners in a terrible cycle of stagnation, unhappiness and self destruction. We cannot survive in this universe with our current outdated and inhumane education system that is built on ignorance, fear, punishment, selection and deselection, indoctrination, stress and inhumaneness. We need a new and modern and humane education system that teaches the truth about the origin and purpose of man, spiritual laws, good parenting, harmonious and peaceful relationships, abundance and unlimited supply, eternity, morality and ethics, and everything that we need to live enlightened, happy, productive and prosperous lives. A humane education system will empower our children to discover their destinies and to pursue and fulfill them.
If we are serious about humanity expanding into the universe, and the US have already made plans for the colonization of planet Mars, then we must admit that humanity in its current state of suffering and spiritual darkness and immorality is not in a position to expand successfully into the universe and to colonize other planets and solar systems. We have already entered the space age and we as a humanity cannot fulfill our destiny in this universe and in eternity with our current education system.
Our schools must become places of healing, love and growth. Our young people are starving because they do not receive the love and affirmation and inspiration and encouragement that they need to develop in a healthy way. It is time to wake up in education, it is time to stop playing games, it is time to end the dark era in our education system: the period of burnt-out teachers, frustrated students, mass learning disabilities,
learning failures, life failures, deranged destinies, the suffocation of natural gifts, talents and diversities. The task ahead of us is to create an education system that brings all people, the young ones and the old ones, together to build a new society that is life giving and to put our current life choking society and its basically dead education system behind us into the annals of history, of what was, no longer is and will never be again.
We have no choice but to embrace the truth of who we are as individuals and as a humanity. The prophets of old have warned us of the consequences of our ignorance and disalignment with our true purpose. I want to warn as well. I want to warn of proceeding on the path that we are currently on. I received a supernatural revelation which showed me that humanity is going in the wrong direction and this has deeply impacted me and is the driving force behind my work. What I want is, that we as a humanity turn into the right direction. This is the will of the universe and life itself. We have the opportunity to readjust, to let lose and go of deception and destruction and self hatred and to build a new society and to liberate not only ourselves but all living creatures on this planet, too. The question is: will we take this opportunity up or will we miss it? And, what are the consequences if we miss it?"
Renata Leuffen  

Song "You Missed Your Destiny.How Jesus Feels"

A Look Into The Future

"According to my understanding of the universe and the purpose of humanity, the time has now come to liberate the children and to enlighten the entirety of society.

The children of this world will be free and happy. And all the forces in the world are not as powerful as this idea from the centre of source energy or God or the Creator of this universe, whose time has come. In the coming decades humanity will discover its divinity, its total and eternal oneness with source energy and all that is. We will understand that we are all connected and one in a gigantic energy field. A completely new humanity is emerging and this new society will not be based on the structures of our current society but on structures of light. Our understanding of ourselves and God and the world and the universe will totally change. Finally, we will know the truth and understand that SOURCE ENERGY AND WE ARE ONE.


There will be no more religion as we know it today, governments will change in the way they are set up and operate, corporations will change and work only for the common good, people will be totally empowered and there will be no more crime, what we call sin will be totally eliminated. And the children will be loved. All the needs of the children will be met. There will not be even one single unhappy child on this planet and in this universe. Unhappiness will cease to exist and happiness will be the atmosphere that we will live in. This new modern and humane society does already exist now in the reality of eternity, time is only an illusion. This new society will not be created out of an ideology like communism but out of pure source light. This new society will be the manifestation of God or source energy and all that he or it is. We will really live and be fully conscious, awakened and alive. And we will most probably no longer die as death will no longer serve any purpose, This is what I see."


Renata Leuffen, 30.1.2015 



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Visit www.pinterest.com/renataleuffen for the extensive photo archive of Renata Leuffen. It has currently around 700 photos.



Song Board  "The Seer Woman Said That You Will Enter My Life In 2016"                     Song Board "This Is Supernatural"


Song Board "Questions"                                                                                      Song Board "When Siegfried Lay In The Coffin"


Song Board "I Am The Apple Of Your Eye"                                                                  Song Board "There Shall Be A Royal Wedding" 



                                           MUSIC ALBUMS                                     
Renata Leuffen released 7 Albums in 2014:
"I Grow Love", "It Is Time To Make Love", "Happy Because You Love Me Too Much", "Our Love Is Sacred", "In Circles", "You Are My Fairy Tale Prince" and "We Are The New Generation" (London Youth Express). 
Also available on Amazon and in all other stores.
Listen for free to songs by Renata Leuffen on http://www.reverbnation.com/renataleuffen                   

Newest Album "You Are My Fairy Tale Prince"



            MUSIC REVIEWS                                      
                             Read the full Review of "You Are My Fairy Tale Prince" by JamSphere (December 2014) at http://jamsphere.com/tag/renata-leuffen
"...My ears fell on her latest album, “You Are My Fairy Tale Prince”. And ‘different’, ‘alternative’ or ‘experimental’ does not even come close to where Renata Leuffen’s supernatural, musical soul is wandering in. Her strength is in her ability to surprise, astonish and stupefy the listener with interpretations that extend way outside the realms of conventional music composition.
When it comes to musical arrangements, forget about formal intonation, keys, scales and rhythms. Renata breaks all the rules and seems to have a joyously good time doing so, as she bathes her songs in themes of love, princes and queens. If you threw Bjork, Kate Bush and Janis Jopin into a melting pot, the resulting amalgamation would vaguely resemble the alternative vocal style of Renata Leuffen.
Production-wise, across the 10-tracks that make up “You Are My Fairy Tale Prince”, Renata displays the same anti-conformist attitude. Largely foregoing the restricting values associated with volumes, mixing levels and mastering, as her voice dances in and out, and around the music.
From the title track to “I Have Fallen In Love”, “I am The Apple Of Your Eye” and  “We Lie In Bed”, to “I Feel Like A Queen” and “The Witches Tried To Kill me Many Times”, expect to be astounded by the diversity of what Renata is doing.
You will have to reset your aural aesthetics and rethink your musicological rationalism to even begin to understand the musical tangent Renata Leuffen has chosen to express herself. She is no ordinary woman, neither is her tortuous life story. Conformity is and has always been the furthermost sentiment from her mind. And to connect with Renata Leuffen’s world, it needs to be furthermost in your mind too!..."
The Song "You Are My Fairy Tale Prince" Made It To No 1 On The Soundclick Alternative Music Chart On The 19.12.2014
Parli Italiano? Read A Review In Italian Of The Song "You Are My Fairy Tale Prince" In "Musicrev1ew" (23.1.2015) 
 "Renata Leuffen - On A Mission To Create A BetterWorld With Her Music"   1.2.2015
"The power of music can be much larger than just a combination of sounds that is pleasing to the ear. There are certain artists that try to guide a real change in the world with their songwriting and philosophy on life  A good example is Renata Leuffen who recently came to us with her music and mission..."
                           Renata Leuffen - In Circles - Album Review 30.1.2015
"...For me something like “On Depression,” has a much stronger connection. As one who has spent a vast amount of years enveloped in it; I certainly appreciate songs like this offering advice and healing to those that need to hear it still. I managed to beat my own more or less, purely through music and what I do here at sleepingbagstudios…so the idea that she can or that someone could accomplish something of that magnitude for someone out there is not as far-fetched as we often believe it to be. Musically, I love this track…very similar to the music of Tortoise, for whose love I’ve already documented on the pages many, many times..."
              BOOKS BY RENATA LEUFFEN ON AMAZON                        
Free public downloads of files (PDF,etc.) are available at https://sites.google.com/a/renataleuffen.com/downloadfiles/home?pli=1 
    Dance "Waiting On You"       
The Light is WITHIN US. The Universe is WITHIN US. The Truth is WITHIN US. Love is WITHIN US. All we need to do is to get connected to the SOURCE OF LIFE.
Education Will Change. Governments Will Change. Corporations Will Change. People Will Change.
Dance "Waterfall Over Rejection"                                                       
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We have been living from the outside in and been unhappy. Now we must learn to face our thoughts and emotions and to heal and clear ourselves of every thought and emotion that is destructive. We must clear ourselves from all the negative energy that our parents and grandparents and forefathers have deposited into us. The humanity of the future will live from the inside out. Evil will cease to exist.
There will be no more sorrow and grief. HUMANITY WILL LEARN TO CONTROL ITS DESTINY AND RECONNECT WITH THE SOURCE OF LIFE AND LIGHT.All negative thought forms that have tormented humanity will cease.

This Inspiring article looks at What will Happen To Us After We Die From A Philosophical And Speculative Perspective






















Song "Our Love Is Sacred" (from the Album "Our Love Is Sacred")


Do We All Go To The Same Place When We Die?



One question that occupies my thinking a lot in this season of my life is whether we do all go to the same place when we die. I want to know what will happen to me when I die and where and how and with whom I will spend eternity, this means, the timeless time after my spirit leaves my body. I assume that this question is also of importance to you. I am not content that no one knows for sure and for real where we will spend eternity. I cannot accept this situation and it is one of my lifetime works to find out. I want an answer. I want to know the truth. I want to know where I will go to when I die before I die. I do not want to be surprised. I believe that you are interested to know the truth as well.

 One subquestion is whether the knowledge of the truth of where we will spend eternity will bring us peace and joy or discomfort and fear. And another subquestion is whether we have control  over where we will spend eternity and whether we can influence and choose and even change our eternal  dwelling place while living on this planet or whether this is something that has already been irrevocably fixed before we were born.

And, a further subquestion to consider would be if our adherence to a particular religion or non religious belief system will influence and determine our eternal place of residence or whether this eternal place is not really fixed and can be changed after we die.

 I am always surprised that we do not have a clear and definite answer as to where we will live after we die. Why don’t we know? And, why did the generations before us not bother to investigate this matter in depth and to settle it once and for all?

I was cycling along the South Coast of England today as I usually do on Saturdays . It was a cold January day and snowing and then raining with bits of sunshine in between  and not windy. The sea was grey and calm. Not many people were out and about.

I looked onto the beaches with sand and pebbles, onto the ocean and onto the horizon and at the sun which had come out from behind the grey winter clouds. The sun rays drew straight golden lines from the sky onto the ocean. There were the silhouettes of two big freight ships in the distance.

The question of where we go to after we die dropped into my mind. Instantly I felt in my heart that we do not all go to the same place when we die but to different places.  And then I thought  again about the idea that we do also not all come from the same place but from different sources of origin. If we do  all go to the same place after we die then it is plausible to assume that we also come from the same place before we are born. But, if we do not go to the same place after we die then it makes sense to believe that our lives do not start out  in the same place.

This idea does not negate the concept that we all originate in God, or in what we call source energy or universal intelligence or whatever name and definition and understanding we apply,  because this source energy or light or universal love  is all in all and everywhere and expressed in and by this universe and potentially a couple, hundreds, thousands or billions of other parallel or even non parallel universes, in short by all that was, is and will be.

This idea would allow for scenarios like some babies coming from this or that part of the universe or universes outer to our universe to be born into this planet and then moving to this or that part of this universe or other universes after death and following different and totally different and diverse courses of development and expression while living on this planet and afterwards.

Millions and billions and trillions of different origins and destinies and destinations would be possible.  And, why not? We live in an unlimited universe with unlimited ideas and unlimited energy.

These are scary and unsettling thoughts but worthwhile pursuing and they must be pursued if we want to know the truth.

 Christian religion teaches that we will either go to heaven or hell, be either rewarded or punished and within the various Christian interpretations and confessions the Catholic Church proposes that souls can also go through a purgatory fire before entering heaven. The idea of reward or punishment after death is of course not an invention of Christianity or Judaism but has also been expressed in Plato’s work “The Republic” before Christ  and was common across ancient religions.

At the current stage of my consciousness I can no longer accept the idea of reward and punishment because of the enormous impact that childhood experiences and conditioning have upon our lives. Someone said that we are all born free but spend our lives in prisons.

It is now a known fact in psychology that children with a bad childhood tend  to have a bad adulthood and that children who have been abused during their childhood will also be abused during their adulthood. These bad experiences have been subconsciously programmed into the children and are destructive auto pilot programs on which these unfortunate children run their adult lives. I know because I happen to be one of these children who have been severely wounded and who are now adults. I am undergoing extensive healing and therapy at the age of 55 when I finally found out what really happened to me when I was a child but there are millions of people  who are not being healed, millions who do not go through therapy and are never being healed  and millions who have already died or who will die with all the emotional garbage that their parents and ancestors have deposited into the core and fibre of their being. One of my therapists told me during one session that I carry the resentment of my mother against her mother in me. This is shocking. Should children like me who have been abused, neglected and betrayed by their parents and families be punished throughout all eternity and potentially all eternities of eternities? Would this be justice? What would we have to think about a universe and eternity that punishes innocent children who were victimized and emotionally destroyed during their early childood years before the ages of 5-7 and beyond? It is by no means easy to break these destructive cycles that have been put into children and the generations that died before us  died with these negative things and energy still inside of every part of them. The therapies that are available to us today were not available to them.

It is fascinating that one of the oldest religious systems of the the world called  Jainism which originated in ancient India and which heavily influenced Mahatma Gandhi, proposes multiple abodes and heavens where the souls of human beings will live after death. This complex belief system talks also about abodes in the universe for liberated and non liberated souls.

With the amount of light and intuition that I possess  at this moment in earth time, I tend to believe that the people that make up humanity today come from different places when they are born and will go to different places when they die. We are all one but we are not all the same.

I believe that the souls of people like Buddha and Jesus and other great teachers of humanity go to a unique place after they die. I believe that these souls can also visit all other places and souls who have ever lived and will ever live as time and space are but illusions and limitations of the unenlightened human mind. I believe that the souls of people who have not reached this kind of level of enlightenment will be restricted after death to dwell just in a certain place or places and that they cannot go everywhere.

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Song "I Will Change The World,It Is In My Stars"




I have originally been raised as a strict Catholic by adults who were lying and sinning all the time and with the belief that suicide is a sin and would have never imagined that I would one day write an article about suicide. But, I am no longer a Catholic and no longer religious and dare to think outside conventional realms and to be honest, with myself, other people and the God of True Love in whom I personally believe. And I take the freedom to question and examine and reject traditional belief systems and to even question God, - and it is perfectly okay if you want to substitute the word God with newer ideas like source energy or universal intelligence.

There is a new fashion in psychology, spirituality and metaphysics, and it’s all about changing belief systems. We hear it from all sides and find books about it on Amazon and everywhere: “Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life” (Nick Hall), “Belief Re-patterning: The Amazing Technique for ‘Fliiping the Switch ‘ to Positive Thoughts” (Suze Casey), “How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs” (Greg Kuhn), and many more.

The question is: What would happen if we would change our beliefs about life, death, suicide and life after death? And, based on our current understanding of the world, the universe and spirituality, how believable is it to us that we will go to a place called Heaven when we die and live in beautiful mansions and eat and drink and worship for all eternity and potentially all eternities,- billions and trillions and mega trillions of years? I would be bored doing just this all the time, and, wouldn’t you?

We have more or less all grown up with the belief that suicide is bad and will be punished, except people who live in cultures with a different view like for example the Japanese. What would happen if we would accept the idea that suicide is a matter of free choice and an act that will not be punished? What, if there is no punishment in the universe and eternity and if punishment were just a human invention? What if there was nothing wrong with suicide?

I want to clarify that I am not intending to make any kind of propaganda for suicide but that all that I want to do is to think and ask questions and find answers and new perspectives and the truth. As a matter of fact, our society has long embraced a culture of death and this is evident in the high number of babies that we kill every year before they are born. Today as I am writing this article, at least 2,775.1 babies have been aborted in the United States and  a minimum of 1,323,545,195 plus worldwide since 1980 according to the abortion clock on www.numberofabortions.com. I do not talk as an advocate of death but as an advocate of life, and life eternal.

Suicide has always been a part of history and human life. The list of famous people who ended their lives on their own terms is long and includes among others Prince Alfred of Edinburgh, a member of the British Royal Family, who shot himself in 1989,  the American Writer Earnest Hemingway who shot himself in 1961 and his granddaughter Mariel Hemingway who died in 1996 from an overdose of Phenobarbital and the Austrian Philosopher Otto Weininger who killed himself in 1903 with a gunshot.                        

What I want to say is that we have no right to judge the people who have already committed suicide, who commit suicide now and who will commit suicide in the future, simply because we do not know what has been going on on the inside of them,- what they felt, what they believed, what disappointments they experienced, what pain they carried, what motivated them to relocate within the universe.

I do believe that God or source energy or the Light does not judge and punish people who decide that it is time for them to leave this planet. I cannot imagine that a God of Love, - and I believe that there is a God of Love and that love is the essence and reality of everything everywhere in this life and after this life,- that such a God would punish anyone who has ended their lives on planet Earth.      

And I can also not believe that such a God who is Love could live with the concept and reality of human beings who He created and who are His children,- to be spending eternity burning and suffering in the flames of what we call Hell. If He could stand and tolerate and decree this, then He could and would no longer be the God of Love,- then He would be evil and the God of Torment, Pain and Death,- basically a sadist.                                                          

I could be right or I could be wrong but I tend to believe that I am right, that God is more sane than we are and that He would not invent and tolerate within His universe such a terrible place like Hell. I am convinced that He would do everything to eliminate and decreate such a realm of pain and suffering.     

Within this context it is quite interesting to note that the idea of Hell did not originate with the Jews but with the Egyptians and that the Jews adopted it from the Egyptian and other pagan belief systems. To quote William Enfield:

Hence, under the clock of symbols, Pagan philosophy gradually crept into the Jewish schools; and the Platonic doctrines, mixed first with the Pythagoric, and afterwards with the Egyptian and Oriental, were blended with the ancient faith in their explanations of the law and their traditions.”

(“The History of Philosophy: From the Earliest Times to the Beginning of the Present Century, Volume 2”,William Enfield,1819,Harvard University)

If we look at the statistics, we realize that we do actually live in a suicide society: Top Scientists who committed suicide include the German chemist Viktor Meyer, the American Electrical Engineer Edwin Armstrong  who invented the FM  radio and the Founder of the Eastman Kodak Photography company, George Eastman.       

 Thomas Joiner developed an interesting Theory of Suicide and uncovered 3 core beliefs: “I am alone” (Thwarted Belongingness), “I am a burden” (Perceived Burdensomeness)  and “I am not afraid to die” (Capability for Suicide)  during his intensive research into the causes of suicide and came to the conclusion that , “People will die by suicide when they have both the desire to die and the ability to die”.






Source: Kimberly A. Van Orden et al., "The Interpersonal Theory of Suicide," Psychol Rev. 117(2) (2010): 575, KIMBERLY A. VAN ORDEN ET AL., "THE INTERPERSONAL THEORY OF SUICIDE," PSYCHOL REV. 117(2) (2010): 575


The German Swedish Philosopher Johan Robek (1672-1739)  defended the right to suicide in his essay  “De Morte Voluntaria”. He argued that life is a gift given to us by God and because it is a gift, we can destroy it.  

Is there such a thing as a right to suicide? This is a question that will always elicit at least 2 answers, a yes and a no, and a heated debate. We do believe that suicide is a means of enforced and abrupt and untimely eviction of the human spirit from the body that it indwells and an intended transporation of the spirit into the spirit or eternal realm of timeless NOW, of being or liberated existence,-  to end suffering, pain, confusion, unhappiness, boredom and many other unwelcome and often unbearable states of the mind and emotions in the person who commits the suicide to find PEACE. Dr Wayne Dyer stated that peace is the definition of enlightenment. This cannot be denied: the more enlightened we are, they more we seek and express and experience peace. Eternity is peace.

We believe that there is such a thing as a personal choice of an overwhelmed and overburdened suffering and exhausted human being and a silent and deep agreement between him or her and God, source energy or universal intelligence, the cosmos, - to end a human life on this planet at a point when a man or a woman does no longer want to carry Earth Consciousness and refuses to live any longer on our chaotic and unpeaceful planet. The idea of suicide is to end human suffering and to find peace.The idea is to return home into God Consciousness and be happy and free.

We do not believe that suicide is a sin or detestable. We want to support our idea with the metaphysical understanding that the normal state of an enlightened human being is to travel freely between and through Earth and Divine Consciousness and environments and realm, this means to move freely and at will through the entire seen and unseen universe. What we mean is, that the enlightened and liberated human spirit is at all times free to leave the human body and to return to the human body through the so called Third Eye between our eyes, and potentially also via the solar plexus. We had several conscious out of body experiences ourselves and know that we can exist and live and be conscious without the human body and that the human body does not necessarily die when we leave it for some time.

Seen from this perspective, people who commit suicide do so because they are not enlightened enough to access the holy or light or free realms of the seen and unseen universe at their own will because if they had the ability and knowledge to leave their bodies and spend periods of time in these realms, they would receive all the nourishment, strength and revelation and happiness and solutions that they would need to be masters over every situation and problem and circumstance on this planet. Seen from this perspective, suicide is only an emergency solution of the unenlightened human soul, an SOS singnal.

We believe that what we need to achieve is to reconnect humanity with the light in the literal sense of the word. If we are connected to the light, we receive all the nourishment and help that we need, and we do not have to commit suicide to be free and to obtain peace. Seen from this perspective, there exists no right to suicide but an imperative to become enlightened.Sadly enough, neither our governments nor our education system are currently concerned with the enlightenment of humanity and PEACE.

We are absolutely sure that God does not condemn and punish any human being who commits suicide but that He understands the impossibility and pain of living in an unenlightened world and being overburdened and crushed down by disappointment and hopelessness. What we really need are enlightened teachers who will bring more and more light into this world.

The answer to the question if we have a right to commit suicide is a NO with the affiormation that it is okay if we break down as unenlightened human beings and kill ourselves because the universe is loving and will understand and receive us and bring us back to being fully alive in the world that the majority of humanity will only enter after they die.It is not right to commit suicide but it is no sin and not punishable because we live on a dark planet in a very negative environment.

We want to close this contemplation with two contemporary quotations of people who want to die, the first is a poem and the second a complaint:


i want to die so badly

BY looneylenny


i cant do this anymore
this constant struggle of life is battering me 
i dont have the energy to fight.

how easy it could all be
how simple i could make it for me
its all my fault
its always my fault.

i cant forgive myself for the things i have done
the way my family witnessed everything
my little sister use to look at me like i wasnt her family
she used to be afraid of me
everyone did
everyone is.

my mental health is one big cover up
we dont talk about it or acknowledge it therefore the way im feeling isnt real
my mum still thinks its my thyroid and its a phase
i just wanna scream at her 

im going crazy
sinking further and further into this black pit of self destruction
why do i feel this way
why wont it go away
why do i want to die so badly
i would give anything not to be here anymore
im fed up of lying to people because they dont wanna hear it
well listen to me now 
because i dont speak any other languages:

i want, need and should die
whats probably scarier is i could do it so easily
and just like that ill be gone

I Rush Into The Secret House Of Death




This is agony. No one cares. I want to die, I am going to die.


BY Whisper my life

The pain I am feeling right now is undescribable, I can feel it all through me, its killing me. 

So much has gone wrong and I can't think of a person who hasn't hurt me in some way, on purpose or just being care less. I hate who I am, I need someone to come along and make it all ok. The pain is just too much, an ending to it all would be the best thing I could ask for. 

I wish so badly that I could just kill myself, but I can't hurt my family like that. 

I am gutted today and feeling so lost because a friend who used to support and help me so much has kind of stopped caring and that really really hurts. 

Iv broken down in full on floods of tears so many times today I just can't keep on living like this, the pain doesn't go away. I am going to pray to god once I have finished this that I die tonight, that I simply don't wake up. I really really hope he hears me and helps, I can't bear this. 

I am sorry :( I am sorry for existing when I know I have no place, and I am sorry for wasting people heres time. I am sorry for trying to get better and failing and moaning on here, I am just sorry to everyone, everyone including myself. If only people knew that I wasn't this strong person they thought I was, if they only knew I was falling to pieces everyday, what would they do? Nothing, because no one cares how I feel. 

I'm devastated, absolutely devestated by life. I wont be here much longer I don't think.


It would perhaps be a good idea if we would start to andvance the enlightenment of humanity and teach our kids at home and at school about the sacredness of life and how to live.

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Dance "Romantic Bagpipe Dance"

The Philosophy Of Eternity: A New Philosophy Of Cosmic Thinking Was Born On The 6th February 2015


I want to make a quick announcement: we have a new branch of Philosophy.

I was listening to inspirational music, making dinner, walking through my house. I had just come back from swimming and had cycled for about 2 hours along the river Thames through cold and fresh winter air.

I was in a good mood. It was a beautiful evening with a white moon high in the sky. I did not plan anything special. I created the lyrics and music for a new song called “I want to be enlightened”. I was happy, singing and dancing through my house.

I don’t know when and how but suddenly I perceived the idea of the Philosophy of Eternity. It just came to me. I understood intuitively that we need to go into eternity in order to understand humanity. I sensed that all our answers are in eternity. I felt that everything in Philosophy must start with the Philosophy of Eternity. We have had it backwards in Philosophy, we started with what we believe to be the beginning instead of starting with what we believe to be the end. The end is the conclusion and the destiny, and humanity’s destiny is eternity.

I took the idea of this new Philosophy, loved it and gave birth to it. I felt and understood in the core of my being, that the Philosophy of Eternity has the power to destroy the matrix that has kept humanity in death and ignorance. The matrix is an invisible ring or aura of accumulated negative energy and collective human thoughts that is stopping the progress and advancement and enlightenment of humanity. I want to destroy this matrix.

The Philosophy of Eternity does now exist and it is still a baby and one day old. I have fallen in love with my baby and will raise this new and big idea up. I am fasicinated by this new disruptive Philosophy.

The Philosophy of Eternity is the missing branch of Philosophy that we need for the Space Age and the colonization of the universe and the advancement and enlightenment of humanity. We have already entered the Space Age and the USA have already made specific plans for the colonization of planet Mars.

The Philosophy of Eternity has the explosive power to dismantle all the structures of ignorance and suffering on this planet and to set humanity free.

I will now devote considerable time to develop and mature the idea and concept and reality of the Philosophy of Eternity and a lot of the work and probably the most important part of it, will be conducted supernaturally because this is the only way in which it can be received and done. We are supernatural beings but we tend to know nothing or too little about it. When we look into the mirror we see our earthly body or spacesuit but not our true identity.

I am amazed that this idea has come to me during a season in my life during which I am, according to the words of an Astrologer and Magician, torn between life and death. I have taken precautions and am preparing to leave London and England for an extended period of time.I plan to spend the coming months in nature, by the sea, in the mountains, in unpolluted and clear energy fields where I will be inspired and able to think deeply and work without unwanted interruptions and pressures. Think, sing, dance, write and be happy and restore my mind and my health. The ideas and revelations will just come and come like a river of light and I will be self reliant a la Henry D. Thoreau.

I am confident that I will complete the concept of and the work on this new Philosophy during my lifetime, against all the pulls of death and suicide and opposition. The time is ripe. The unenlightened spiritual condition of humanity demans the creation of a new Philosophy. We got only so far with our current Philosophies, and it’s not far enough.

I predict a major shift in human consciousness away from earthly and earth bound thinking to cosmic consciousness.

The Philosophy of Eternity will:

·         change how we live

·         change how we feel

·         change how we will be born

·         change how children grow up

·         change our understanding of man, humanity, planet Earth, the universe and


·         change religion forever

·         change education forever

·         change governments forever

·         change corporations forever

·         change the way we die and potentially eliminate death altogether

·         enable an unprecented inflow of cosmic positive energy and light into this



The Philosophy of Eternity will:

·         liberate people on every sphere and level, i.e. spiritually, financially, emotionally

·         align humanity with the universe and eternity

·         will empower humanity to fulfill its destiny on earth, in the universe and in eternity

·         eliminate all fear

·         most probably eliminate all diseases

·         enable people to access and live in their so called higher self and to walk in            

          supernatural power and true enlightenment

·         disable all the forces and powers, seen and unseen that have blocked individuals

          and humanity

·         eliminate human suffering

·         empower people to live in the truth

·         enable people to manifest everything

We will rewrite all textbooks that are currently being used in our schools.

Some of the questions that this new Philsophy will look at from the supernatural and spiritual dimensions are:

Who are we? Where do we come from? How can we know ourselves? How do we need to live in order to be happy? What happens when we die? What happens after we die? How, where and with whom will we spend eternity? Is there just one eternity? Will we all go to the same place when we die?

How are we all interconnected? And, why? What is our position in the universe, and in eternity? What is eternity? Why do we spend time on this planet? Do we really live for ever or will we cease to exist when we die?

Are we in control? Do we have more power than other beings in the universe? Is there a God? Why were religions created and what is their real purpose? Can we access all of the universe and eternity while we are still living on this planet?

Can we abolish death? How could we abolish death? How can we live up to 700 years and longer on planet Earth? Who inhabits eternity? Are angels really stronger than human beings? What is the energy of this universe? What is the energy in human beings? How can we clean up the energy pollution in human beings and of this planet?

How well the enlightened society look like? How will people live and communicate in the space age? How can we create a society with unlimited supply? How can we stop all wars? How can be eliminate poverty? How can we raise the consciousness of all of humanity?

I predict that the triangle which appears almost everywhere in academic and conceptual and marketing discourses and papers will be replaced by the circle.

We suffer because we do believe lies. We do think and act against the truth. And the truth is that we are the truth. And the light. And the light is shining now.

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We are creating the new modern and humane society in which people are happy.


Song "I Will Heal You"

Seven Reasons Why We Should Believe In the Survival Of Humanity And Reject The Theory Of Human Extinction

A Case For The Enlightenment Of Philosophy, Religion, Education And Parents


For the root idea of humanity is that man is free in a world of bondage — man, the eternal wonder worker, whether his deeds be good or evil — man, the amazing exception, the super beast, the quasi God, the mind of creation, the indispensable, the keyword to the cosmic riddle, the mighty lord of nature and despiser of nature, the creature that calls its history ‘the history of the world!’ ’” ¹

Friederich Nitzsche



There is a beautiful passage in the Book of the Prophet Isaiah, who by the way, had to experience death by sawing, where he states that,

“...if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.” ²

Whenever we speak and write and think, we speak, write and think according to the amount of light that is within us. Therefore, people will come to different conclusions and interpretations about the same issues based on their level or degree of enlightenment. Ludwig Wittgenstein pondered once,

What is your aim in philosophy? To show the fly the way out of the fly-bottle.” ³

We believe that the aim of philosophy and religion and education and responsible parenting is the enlightenment of humanity and to fill the whole Earth with light, love, peace and truth. Enlightened philosophy, religion, education and parenting are acts of love and should always have the intention to elevate humanity.

We mention philosophy, religion, education and parenting in one go and together because we consider them to be the critical foundation stones and tools to create a new modern and humane society in which people are happy and the key areas that need to be renewed and enlightened.

Many scientists like Steven Hawking have expressed their view that humanity will become extinct.⁴ And there is even a Voluntary Human Extinction Movement (VHEMT) that argues that people should voluntarily refrain from procreation until the human race dies out.⁵

We believe that the purpose of human existence is not the extinction of the race and that the destiny of humanity is not to disappear and to cease to be but that we have an eternal destiny, as individuals and as the family of humanity as a whole.

Ludwig Wittgenstein once remarked that,

“ The real question of life after death isn't whether or not it exists, but even if it does what problem this really solves... Death is not an event in life: we do not live to experience death. If we take eternity to mean, not infinite temporal duration but timelessness, then eternal life belongs to those who live in the present. Our life has no end, in the way in which our visual field has no limits.” 

What problem does eternal life, i.e. the continuation of human life in a supernatural dimension, solve? It solves the fundamental problem of humanity which is the problem of human identity, purpose, consciousness and awareness and affects every area of human life, and here especially the level of self worth, ethics, morals, self motivation, spirituality and the capacity to think and feel. The discovery of the real nature of eternity will be the greatest discovery in the history of humanity and provide the enlightenment that is necessary to deliver humanity from its addiction to pain and suffering,- to cause pain and suffering and to endure pain and suffering. We do obviously hold the view that eternity is positive,- a positive and wonderful state of being and that eternity or the invisible world that has always existed and that exists parallel to our visible universe, is inhabited.

Within this context it is worthwhile to quote Albert Einstein who was once asked by a reporter what he considered to be the most important question that humanity faces today. He answered,

“ "I think the most important question facing humanity is, 'Is the universe a friendly place?' This is the first and most basic question all people must answer for themselves.

"For if we decide that the universe is an unfriendly place, then we will use our technology, our scientific discoveries and our natural resources to achieve safety and power by creating bigger walls to keep out the unfriendliness and bigger weapons to destroy all that which is unfriendly and I believe that we are getting to a place where technology is powerful enough that we may either completely isolate or destroy ourselves as well in this process.

"If we decide that the universe is neither friendly nor unfriendly and that God is essentially 'playing dice with the universe', then we are simply victims to the random toss of the dice and our lives have no real purpose or meaning. “

"But if we decide that the universe is a friendly place, then we will use our technology, our scientific discoveries and our natural resources to create tools and models for understanding that universe. Because power and safety will come through understanding its workings and its motives."

We argue that the way in which we view eternity determines our destiny in this world and in the world which we will enter after we die. We want to share a personal experience that we had one afternoon in 2010 and add that we live very much in our intuition, in a realm where we supernaturally receive pictures and revelations. We cannot go into a detailed description of eternity in this paper because that would expand this article too much and we are also receiving more and deeper revelation of what eternity is as we continue to live on this planet, this means, that our understanding of eternity is an expanding and growing revelation.

On this particular afternoon we were walking along the River Thames. This was in 2010.

“ Suddenly I saw my son Siegfried (Danny) in the spirit or in my heart or on the inside of me, however we want or prefer to call this way of seeing. He lay down, in the air, dressed or covered with a white cloth. His feet were on the left side and his face was on the right side. I looked at him and started to cry which is very unusual as I do normally not cry. The tears just came. As I looked at my son, I thought: he is such a beautiful child. I was so sad. I understood the meaning of this supernatural experience to be that I was under no circumstances to leave my son or to separate from him but to stay together with him. He was 26 years old when this happened. I did not fully understand what the vision that I had meant. What I perceived was that MY SON HAD COME OUT OF ETERNITY AND THAT HE WAS RETURNING INTO ETERNITY. One year later, on the 8th June 2011, my son died in his sleep from Sudden Death Syndrome. I visited him twice in the mortuary. The first time he was covered with a green blanket and the second time he was covered with a white cloth. And the second time he looked exactly like he had looked in the vision that I had had in 2010. I had seen his death before it happened.”

What I want to communicate is that our human lives are supernatural. We have to look beyond the natural to understand our true nature and purpose. We have to look beyond death to understand our true destiny. We were never meant to operate only in the natural world.

So, why should we reject the inhumane Theory of Human Extinction:

Reason Number One:

As I have already stated above, we are supernatural beings. Our purpose and destiny is to live both in the natural realm (what we can see,touch and feel) and the supernatural realm (what we cannot see,touch and feel with our natural senses but only with our sixth sense or supernatural or divine or enlightened consciousness or state of awareness).  When we operate in our supernatural awareness, we cannot feel, think and experience ourselves to be unworthy, defect, evil, limited, weak, poor, sick, victims and the like, - this means we cannot be in negative states. We were actually never meant to be in negative states, we were not created to experience the darkness and emotional pain of negative states. So, why do we experience negative states? One answer could be that we experience them because we are not enlightened,- and enlightened can be defined in this context as the awareness of our supernaturalness.

Reason Number Two:

A shift towards the enlightenment of the whole of humanity has already occured and more and more people are being enlightened and discover a more productive and positive way of thinking and acting. We should aim to be one of those people and desire enlightenment.

Yesterday I took part in a conference call with over 2000 people from more than 50 countries. A reknown person who has been an advisor to the United Nations, at least one US President and many celebrities, taught us how to access our inner power and the power of the universe.

Soon we were moving through the universe. I experienced myself as a supernova of incredible power and light that exploded and expanded. Another participant created a new planet all for himself. And one participant reported enthusiastically about a feeling of incredible energy in the chakras.

This is the new spiritual elite that is taking control of their lives and this planet and the universe. We are being trained by the top spiritual teachers of this world.

Where will this all lead to? Will humanity be soon flying through space, practicing light infusion meditations, spending hours in visualisation every day and chanting the sound of creation and the names of Gods to manifest money and happiness? Will we be soon all talking with angels and guides and acquire supernatural wisdom?

Religions and Philosophies are concepts to help us to understand how this universe works and how to live in this world. Does it matter which Religion and Philosophy we adhere to? One could argument that Mahatma Gandhi found enlightenment in Hinduism and that Mother Teresa found it in Christianity and that one can find contentment in any religion and school of thought. A counterargument would then obviously be why only so few people find enlightenment and why the vast majority of humanity throughout the history of mankind have been living in spiritual darkness and want.

What will happen is that more and more people will be liberated and that more and more people will become financially free and independent. This will restructure our society.

Reason Number Three:

Our thinking influences our environment, or as the saying goes: our inner world creates our outer world.

There is an interesting research project called the Washington Crime Study, which came to the conclusion that meditation can reduce the crime rate in a city.

“...A two-month national demonstration project conducted in Washington, D.C., showed how a coherence-creating group of TM-Sidhas can reduce crime and social stress and improve the effectiveness of government...  A week or so after the start of the study, violent crime (HRA crime: Homicides, rapes and aggravated assaults, measured by FBI Uniform Crime Statistics) began decreasing and continued to drop until the end of the experiment.

Before the project the researchers had publically predicted that the coherence group would reduce crime by 20%. This prediction had been ridiculed by the Chief of Police who asserted that the only thing that would decrease crime that much would be 20 inches of snow. In the end, the maximum decrease was 23.3%. This significant reduction occurred when the size of the group was at its largest in the final week of the project and during a blistering heat wave.

The statistical probability that this result could reflect chance variation in crime levels was less than 2 in 1 billion (p < .000000002).  When the project disbanded HRA crime began to rise again.”



Reason Number Four:

We have to create a new humane society in which people get healed and empowered to use both their reasoning and their intuition. Our current society is basically sick and produces sick, alienated and confused and unhappy people.

We are very concerned about our young people. So many young adults have never been loved, have never had a safe home, did never receive what they need in care and attention and life skills.

We believe that the greatest need of humanity at this point in Earth time is to teach young people and adults how to be good, responsive, responsible and loving parents. We must stop all abusive parents and the abuse of children worldwide.

We can no longer tolerate that even a single child in this world is being sexually, emotionally, spiritually and verbally abused. As a society we have been much too lenient and permissive and we have let parents who have destroyed their children for life get away with it. We have betrayed the children. We have betrayed generations of young people. We did not act responsibly as a society but allowed parents to do what they should have never done: to wound and hurt their children. And these hurts and wounds have literally destroyed the childhoods and adulthoods of millions of children.

Especially disturbing are the problems that narcissistic and psychopathic parents cause in the lives of their children and that we have so many co-dependent people in our society.

We argue that the abuse of children, sexually, physically, emotionally and verbally, is the greatest crime against humanity, the universe and eternity and God, - this means against all that was, is and will be. And this abuse has been happening and is happening right now and we all know that it is. What can we do to stop it in our families, homes, neighbourhoods, cities and nations?

We must stop parents who abuse their children and we must do this today. We must formulate new laws that prevent the abuse of children. We must punish the abuse of children. And we must punish hard. We must educate an reeducate parents and children and young people. We must heal the parents and the children.

We believe that we need a global program and that this program must be supported by the United Nations and all governments and countries and that all teachers, educators, psychologists and psychotherapists must be involved in this program.

We can eliminate child abuse in one generation. We must give every child a chance and this is the chance to live without abuse.

A couple of days ago I got a comment on one of my videos on YouTube.  A man called Michael  wrote:

“Depression has taken away my life's potential..It is in my family along with alcohol and drug abuse..I never had a chance..I was lost at birth and didn't know it..I am 55 and it is way too late to ever reach the potential I was given but destroyed from depression/alcohol/drugs..It is THE worst affliction any human can carry throughout life”

Do we know how many millions of adults are bitter and have resigned because they grew up in unhappy and depressive environment and soaked this in into the core and every fibre of their being?


Reason Number Five:

Dr Bruce Lipton made the interesting discovery that 95% of our adult lives are controlled by our subconscious mind, this means how our subconscious mind has been programmed.⁸ As human beings we are programmed by other people’s beliefs, and this means mostly by our parents and when we are children. Most of this programming takes place before the age of 7. This means, that we are living the lives of other people 95% of the time.

“ Dr. Lipton found through his experiments that the structure and function of every cell is tied together. Every living organism has a cell membrane which turns out to be an information processor. The cell membrane is a liquid crystal semiconductor, the brain of the cell (mem-brane). It’s an interface. It reads what’s going on in its world. Our perceptions about ourselves and our world are signals which impact the cell membrane (the interface) and they have a great deal to do with the health of the cell. However, not all of our perceptions are accurate; but the mis-perceptions adjust our biology, just as the correct perceptions do. The genes inside the cell (and the all-important protein) merely respond to the perceptions. This is the power of the new biology: we can control our perceptions.

Since we live in an energy universe, everything has a vibrational frequency. We as humans are generators and recipients of waves of energy. Conventional medicine uses this knowledge every day. For example, a mammogram is a vibrational energy diagram. Waves are energy, which with perception or intention become particles, which are matter. The observer creates the reality. We all collectively create the world we live in through our observations and the resulting perceptions. Our “mentation” (thoughts) shapes the field, as it is referred to by quantum physicists. And out of the “field of all possibilities” comes our reality, inside our bodies and in our daily life.

All our lives we’ve been gathering beliefs. A belief is just a thought you keep thinking until you’ve convinced yourself of its validity. Once it is programmed into your subconscious mind, it runs a big part of your life. We can’t run our lives using only our conscious mind. The conscious mind can process only about 40 bits of data per second. The subconscious mind can process 40 million bits of data per second. At least 95% of our daily thoughts come from our subconscious mind. So if you’re programmed with thoughts like, “I’m always sick,” then that becomes your reality. And the scary part is that scientists believe that 70% of our daily thoughts are repetitive and negative, coming straight from our subconscious mind, our programmed mind.”


The challenge that we face today as a humanity is to get rid of all negative, false and destructive beliefs and thought constructions in our private lifes and in philosophy, religion, education and parenting.

We have never experienced a truly free and humane society. A society that is built on true and positive beliefs, on love, justice, peace and wisdom cannot be extinguished. What is currently happening is, that we experience hell on this planet because we have created this hell.

And the children are paying the price and it is a heavy price. And the children of this world are forced to bear a load that is too heavy and they are breaking under this weight and their lives are falling apart.

The idea that humanity is destined to become extinct is a negative and destructive idea that has its origin in dark and unenlightened minds. This idea is neither loving nor truthful and it does not express respect towards other human beings and humanity as a whole.

How absurd is it to postulate and prophesize that we will not make it in this universe? And how cruel! And how inhumane!


Reason Number Six:

There is an eternal invisible kingdom of indescribable beauty. We are actually part of this kingdom but it seems that not all people have access to this kingdom. This kingdom is a mystery. It is a place that the prophets of old, the prophets of ancient Israel, did access. Enoch spent long periods of time in this kingdom. Many Christians have access to this kingdom. The angels come from this kingdom. People who are witches or magicians cannot get into this kingdom. This kingdoom has also been misrepresented. The Christian Church is currently in a crisis. Israel is in a crisis. America is in a crisis. The whole world is in a crisis. And we must get out of all the crisises in our private and national lives.

We should accept or at least know that this kingdom exists and that it is this kingdom which steers and determines the ultimate destiny of humanity.

The general notion among all spiritual teachers is that humanity needs to be awakened and enlightened. Anyone who has access to this kingdom is automatically enlightened. There are some people who express and live their spirituality by connecting to what they call source energy or light, and there are some people who connect to the invisible kingdom which is the source of all light, and then there are people who use source energy, the kingdom and a mixture and combination of techniques and concepts. The kingdom is the true source of all that was, is and will be.

What do we mean by enlightenment?  We define enlightenment as the discovery of the true eternal indestructible divine whole empowered unbroken and life radiating conscious identity of humanity and every individual who was, is and will ever be as an irreplaceable part of humanity with an eternal destiny and that has its source in eternity. This identity is personal and reflects the personal nature of eternity. According to our model, eternity is then  a person and to be really alive and enligthtened means for the human eternal person to have a one-on-one interaction, awareness of and relationship with the creator of life who is a person without beginning or end. This model postulates a God, a good God and not a neurotic God. It requires also a God who does NOT permit human suffering.We do have a big intellectual and conceptual problem with the construct of a God who allows human suffering, and especially the suffering of children. We do not believe that we learn anything good and worthwhile by suffering. Suffering is not a good teacher, suffering is a killer and destroyer and evil. There is no good in suffering and we should not permit suffering.

Thus, we are a person within a person, we and eternity are one, we have our origin and destiny in eternity and our life on planet Earth is a circle: we come out of eternity and we go back into eternity. Following our model, we do not live on planet Earth to suffer and we do not learn by pain and suffering but we are living on planet Earth to experience our unity with eternity and all creation and to express and realize our eternal individuality and create structures of light and love on planet Earth. In essence, our temporary stay on planet Earth is supposed to constitute a wonderful and satisfying love relationship  with ourselves, our creator, all other human beings and all nature. We are to discover that we and eternity are one. We are to be happy on planet earth. We human beings are to inspire and love each other. We are not to know evil. We do not need occult and hidden teachings because we know the truth and all is open and revealed and nothing hidden. We enjoy a relationship of trust with eternity.

To elaborate this model a little bit further: according to what we said, we are like a galaxy or carpet of billions of lights or human beings that is being transported from the visible physical realm into the with human eyes invisible spiritual realm of eternity. However, we are not yet sure whether death is only a door that leads us from one physical universe into another physical universe. The spiritual world could also be described as physical but invisibly physical and of different atomic and molecule composition than the world that we can see with our human eyes.

The invisible kingdom of light is the true source of all new and big ideas and all human inspiration. According to this belief system, there is also a kingdom of darkness. If we would interview African witches who have attended Christian mass services, the thread of their stories is always the same. They report that they experienced a power that was greater than the power that they had access to and that they were operating in. There are reports of witches who were lifted up into the air, witches who had suddenly problems to breathe and who got coughing attacks and witches who were unable to attack a preacher physically.

We live in a supernatural universe and the world is in chaos because we are controlled by human thoughts, fears and concepts.

What is the fundamental problem of humanity? The main problem is that,amazingly enough, we do not know where we are coming from and where we are going to. We speculate and theorize but we do not have concrete evidence and knowledge. Consequently, the blurred beginning and end of human life on this planet leads to blurred lives and existences on this planet and, perhaps and potentially, to terribly lost destinies in and throughout all eternity or all eternities of eternities.

Human existence on this planet is in crisis. We believe that we have only one option and this is to totally transform our planet. The answer is to create the first really humane society that ever existed. How can this be accomplished? This is what we have to find out. And, in engaging in building this new humanity we will create a new environment in which education, religion and philosophy will advance and flourish. And flourish they must if they are to be useful.


Reason Number Seven:

We have to heal ourselves and this planet. We have to heal the parents and the children. We have to transform from a loveless society into a loving society.

One of the big problems of society is that so many people do not think for themselves. Arthur Schopenhauer once remarked that people do not like to think.

The task ahead of us is to heal, to restore and to love forever. The task is to love ourselves and to love humanity. And the task is not easy.

Personally, we are currently experiencing a major crisis in our own private life. It has to do with our current inability that we cannot accept the reality or idea of a God who permits the suffering of the children. And the suffering of adults who were abused as children. This is something that we have to go through and it is very difficult. Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple, lost his faith in God because he could not understand how God can let children starve. And there are obviously other CEOs like Larry Ellison of Oracle who believe that God is just a myth. We are currently not able to understand how God could allow all the suffering, tragedies and disaster in our own life. Why did he not help? Why did he not intervene? Why is the omnipotent God impotent in our own lives? Or, isn’t he?

Today we got a call from the Bishop of a Christian Church. He is a very good shepherd and knows the self development literature inside out and teaches his flock advanced concepts. He really feeds and nourishes his people.

He asked us, “How are you?” To which we replied, “We lost our faith in the God of the Bible because of what happened to us last year and this year.” He replied, “God did not cause all these things”. And we answered, “But he did allow them to happen.”

We then explained, “What we want is a universe without a God, a universe without angels, a universe without a devel and demons and without these beings, guides and whatever, that  everyone is talking about. What we want is just peace. And if we would be certain that its is peace that awaits us when we leave this planet, we would leave this planet at once.” Yes, we are going through a personal season of extreme pain and suffering, - and healing at the same time. It seems unlikely that we will not regain our faith in the God of the Bible. He has obviously been very misrepresented. And it is a big challenge to overcome our past.

The Bishop said, “I understand. Things will get well.” We then had a private conversation. Towards the end of our call he assured us that he and his church love use, believe in use and are praying for use. He also said that the forces of evil are watching us. He told us that, “they are monitoring every move you make”. What a scary idea! What a prospect! And like one Astrologer and Magician who is obsessed with helping use, he started talking about the negative energy around me. And then he contemplated that it might be good for us to travel for a while.

At this point in earth time humanity is in a spiritual and social crisis and we are in a personal crisis. The crisis is in our hands and we determine how long it will last. The challenge and task is to turn the crisis into a learning experience and to eliminate all the negative energy.

It is time to clean our private lives and humanity and this planet up. Extinction, destruction, suffering and negativism are neither answers nor options but only temporary destrcutions. We need light and an enlightened humanity on this planet, in this universe and in eternity.

It is true that we are forced to be, to live, to exist. There is no button that we could press and cease to be. We are destined to be forever. And because this is so our experience of being and living should be a positive one for every member of our human family.




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How The Concept Of Eternity Could Revolutionize Our Education System
This article presents the view that human life is eternal. What would happen if we educators and teachers adopted the vision that each pupil and student lives forever? How would the thought that we are education and teaching our children and young adults for eternity impact us? If our consciousness and personalities will never cease to be, then we might as well might the journey through our education system as pleasant as possible and stop using fear and intimidation. Perhaps every pupil and student and we ourselves matter so much more than we think. Education is something to be enjoyed.  
If you are a school teacher, what do you think when you look at your pupils?  And, if you are a professor, what do you think when you talk to a group of students?

Everyone in the Education System is subject to some curriculum, more or less free, as if freedom could be administered in different portions. The truth is, education is either free or it is captivity. The question is whether our children can ever discover the true meaning of life if we raise them in captivity.

But, I hear someone argue, you do not understand: there are all these pressures. The government has its own set of interests, the students have their own agenda and the parents have their special expectations. And we, the teachers, are just the delivery machine, we are supposed to deliver information and knowledge, no matter how irrelevant and antiquated and biased, so that we can then administer tests and exams and grade our students.

Do we have an education system or only the illusion of it? We are all weighed down because our own minds are bent under the weight of ideologies and concepts that attempt to make sense of life and to give meaning to it without ever granting us true freedom and happiness. Is what’s happening perhaps that we are entangled in lies and that our education system is just a tool to get our children used to the idea of never being themselves and afraid of freedom?

What would happen if we would believe that human life starts on this earth, then transcends the earth and exists forever? This means, we are born, we die and we continue to live in another dimension and atmosphere? The earth becomes only a playground with lots of toys for development and discovery like starting a company and growing it or being a scientist or an actor.

It is amazing that we have sex education and all sorts of learning modules but not a sound knowledge about what happens when and after we die and what our eternal destiny is.

Our education system is deeply influenced by our concept and understanding of life. Do we live on this planet and then just cease to be when we die? Or, do we just pass through this planet and then relocate to another planet without death, sickness, poverty and all the ills that plague humanity?

It is remarkable how little if not at all, our education system is concerned with the truth. The truth of life. The truth of who we really are. The truth of our decisions. The truth of our thoughts. And the truth of what kind of people we produce with our current education system.

It is a mystery why we give so much power and influence to our large corporations and permit them to crush the rights of individuals. Not that corporations are bad as such but isn’t it time that they would become humane and serve humanity and its spiritual and emotional needs? Too many corporations operate in an inhumae fantasy world, pretending to serve shareholder interests while forgetting that we are all shareholders.

How would we treat ourselves if we were certain that death is only the door to a bigger and better life? That we will always keep learning and growing, without end? That life itself is the curriculum and that being human means expansion in the ocean of unlimited knowledge and possibilities?

How would we evaluate and engage with our pupils and students if we would believe that we will one day see them again, on the other side of eternity, the invisible reality beyond the death experience? Would such a contemplation make us more merciful, more generous and encourage us to give out higher grades?

And, how would we view our role as teachers and educators if we believed that we are preparing our children for eternal life? Would we still be impatient with the slow learners? Would we continue to reject children who are “different” ? Would we be more considerate as to what exactly we are teaching our children and start to be unwilling to just entertain instead of nurturing and challenging them?

Would we realize how important the teaching profession is, and how grossly underpaid?  Would we see the conflict between an education system that serves the interests of a temporal government (all governments on earth are only temporal) as opposed to an education system that serves the eternal destiny of every child and the progress of humanity?

Our disposition towards life and eternity determines our teaching style and influences how we see ourselves and our students. What are we actually engaged in when we play  this game that we call education?

Do you remember one of these first warm days at the seaside  in early spring and some children playing an innocent ball game while the waves are beating against the shores and the sound of the water running over the pebbles and rocks is so relaxing and everything looks so fine and right in the sunshine and you think that the children fit perfectly into the beautiful scenery because there is such harmony between them and the environment? Their carelessness is so refreshing and the way that they throw the ball is so natural?

The conflict of our time is that there is currently disharmony between our education system and life. Our education system opposes life as it is meant to be. At the root of this evil lies our devaluation of human life per se. We teachers and educators do not really value and appreciate every student in the way that is appropriate and this is because another agenda, that of a mostly unenlightened government and other interest groups, has been forcefully put over our own ideals and ideas which are mostly more benign than theirs and because they write the paycheck, we obey.

If our education system is ever to improve and change, then we, the teachers and educators, must take the initiative and formulate, test, execute and implement the changes. This means, that we need to educate our government and corporations, about our needs and the needs of the next generation that we are educating.

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Read Renata Leuffen's articles on education on https://renataleuffen.academia.edu/RenataLeuffen



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