Renata Leuffen works for the Renewal of the Education System, Governments, Corporations and Individuals and the Transformation of Cities and Nations and to raise a new generation that stands for justice, love and peace. Renata's vision is to create a global movement that will forever totally transform this planet and heal and liberate billions of men, women, children and young people and align people with their true identity and eternal destiny.

Renata Leuffen swims at least one hour every day. She is an excellent long distance swimmer. Here she is on the beach in Spain where she spends some weeks every winter. Renata lives very healthy and plans to live at least 200 years. She will soon open up a new website featuring bikinis. Renata has been to more than 50 countries. Renata has received worldwide media coverage and has been a regular guest on TV and radio stations and in daily and weekly newspapers and womens' magazines.

We want to transform society. We want to set people and nations free. We want a society that is founded on true justice and freedom. 

We want to renew the education system, governments, corporations and individuals. We want to empower and emancipate the youth, not for rebellion but for responsibility. We want to awaken and prepare humanity for the reality of eternal life. We want to teach every man and woman how to live life to the full.
We want to help people to find their true identity, destiny and to develop their potential. We want to get humanity ready for the space age and for living in the supernatural power that belongs to us. We want to make this planet a safe place for every man, woman and child. We want to unite all humanity by a global commitment to justice and peace. We want to abolish hatred between nations, oppressive governments, evil structures and war. We want to change the atmosphere on this planet and make this the most beautiful planet in the universe, raise the consciousness of humanity to higher levels of awareness and truth and create a society that is based on love. Where the strong help the weak. Where everyone works for the common good of the people on this planet.
We are a part of the new generation that is arising all around the world, the generation that thinks different, that is different and that creates the most enlightened, advanced and prosperous society in the history of our planet and that colonizes space and obtains unlimited wisdom, knowledge, riches and peace. 


Renata Leuffen loves nature. She cycles and hikes and spends often whole days outdoors. Here she is on a lawn with violets in spring.

There are people who will take the lies no more and demand and create justice and peace.
Humanity is no longer just defining life on our planet but what we are now doing is to actually define life in the universe.
The greatest challenge that we are facing today is to lead humanity into doing what is right
and true morality. We have to master our thoughts and imagination and to choose life, above
everything else. Every one of us needs to make a commitment to humanity and to our future.
Humanity is one big family. Let us embrace each other, love each other, support each other and
build each other up. We spend only a little time on this planet, a short breath, before we are immersed
into the eternal plan and purpose and destination and truth of humanity and human life.
The greatest discovery that we will make is that ETERNITY IS INHABITED.
Renata Leuffen is building a new global group of companies to empower people to be themselves and to grow. Here she is in her office, with flowers. Renata loves flowers and colors. She visits the Keukenhof flower show in Holland every year.
Renata Leuffen works to transform cities and nations. To liberate people and create a planet of free men and free women with the knowledge of the truth, to stop human pain and suffering and fill the earth with the light of life.
"There is a current of dissatisfaction that is running through our society, among the poor and the rich. Everywhere there are people who know that there is more to life than what they are experiencing, and they are right. 
Each one of us is unique and has an eternal destiny. Each one of us is greater than the circumstances and problems that are challenging us. Our journey through time and space is outwards and inwards.
Recently I spoke with a young man. He told me, "I have lost all hope in justice" and he then referred to a court case for a just cause that had been lost. This is sad.
He reminded me of a man who had experienced World War II and come to the conclusion that "there is no love". This is tragic.
We have only one option: to believe, to imagine, to fight, to hold on, to push forward, to break through and to win and to get hold of that good and wonderful life that we are meant to be living, now, in the here and then.
I fight for the survival, enlightenment and eternal purpose of humanity and that every human being may have eternal life in the realm of light. I connect Heaven and Earth, the temporary with the eternal.
I align people with eternity and their true destinies. 
My principle is justice which is perfected in love and expressed in peace."
Renata Leuffen has surely had her share of persecutions and troubles. She had to flee from Germany in 1992 and has now lived for over 20 years in exile in England. Her life is characterized by her uncompromising stand for justice and freedom and the grace of Heaven that rests on her. Leuffen attacks the darkness fearlessly and the darkness hates her.
Leuffen believes in restoration and recompensation and that every human tragedy can be turned into a triumph and every defeat into a victory. Leuffen is determined to change the history of this planet for good and she is one of the most compassionate, caring, humble and kind persons that you will ever meet. Click here for some old photos of Renata and Danny Leuffen, Renata's son. Danny died in 2011. He could never cope with the life in exile. Read here about Danny's visits to heaven.                                                  Renata Leuffen on the beach in Spain
We are always working on many projects, and a.o. we currently work to:  
1.challenge German software company SAP AG to implement a real anti sexual discrimination and harassment policy and make sure that all women interviewing and working at SAP are safe and that SAP stop their internal moral decay and do not tolerate and employ any male Manager, Director or Member of the Executive Team who sexually discriminates and harasses women and violates gender equality.  
2.defend and reintroduce the freedom of learning and education back into Germany by including article 154 of the first German constitution ("Home education is not subject to any restrictions.") into the current constitution and to abolish compulsory and enforced school attendance in all countries around the world. Home schooling, private schools and innovative ways of learning and teaching are essential to guarantee       
every child's right to their natural development and the establishment of a sane, humane, safe,just society in which people can develop their potential.   
3.empower the youth in London to express themselves and to make London the capital of the youth and to establish a new global youth culture that is based on non violence, justice, respect, peace and fun.
Our vision is to acquire a large building in the centre of London and to establish a London Youth Centre, facility where all the youth in London can meet, have their own cafe, restaurant, library, movie theatre, and engage in all sorts of positive activities like sports, dancing, the arts, media and where young people receive counselling and help, teaching that empowers them to be themselves and to live good, productive and happy lives, - and where the youth in London do also meet up with philosophers, politicians, speakers, writers, spiritual teachers, celebrities, thought leaders, pop stars and their idols. 
The London Youth Express is to be run by the youth themselves and the intention is that we establish many businesses across London that are all managed and led by the young people who live in London.
We want to abolish youth crime, youth drug addiction and alcoholism, youth poverty, youth suicides
and youth violence and depression. We want to empower a youth in London with leadership skills to lead
the rest of Europe into a new age of social freedom, age equality and social justice.                            
Let us set the youth free, not for rebellion but for responsibility.                
4.lower the voting age down to 12 years (ideally) or 14 years in England (global pilot)
5.introduce and spread the truth about eternal justice throughout the entire earth  
6.help people to realize personal, spiritual, emotional and financial freedom with our speaking engagements, teachings and seminars   
It's going to be alright, honey, if we work together.           
                                                              click on button left to watch Renata Leuffen Video Channel       

We were not made to be unhappy. We were not created to be stuck. Renata Leuffen dreams of a liberated humanity on a walk among blooming apple trees.

Together we can do it, together we can change the world, and together we will. Let's get together!  

Let us be the new generation that puts things right and that renews America and Europe!


Renata Leuffen loves freedom and hates structures that inhibit and enslave people.  

Work together with us for the Renewal of the Education System, Governments, Corporations and Individuals!


Renata Leuffen believes that everyone can and should prosper. She thinks that it is essential that everyone is taught the laws of the mind and prosperity. True freedom and self expression is only possible when people are financially independent. Renata believes that it is good and right to care for the poor but that it is not enough to give them just food and money. What they need is the knowledge of how to develop themselves and to acquire all the money and happiness that they deserve. Everyone of us deserves to be financially free.

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                                     The Lost Generation                        
"I represent a generation that is totally broken and that has lost all hope.I want to share my love with the world while I am here and while I prepare myself for eternity.
I come literally from the street. I arrived homeless,persecuted and with 30 German cents in London in 1992.
I lost everything because I stood for justice and would not bow and not bend."




Renata Leuffen founded the London Youth Express in February 2014. Visit www.londonyouthexpress.com

The London Youth Express works to set our young people free and to help them to express themselves. Expression brings healing and restoration and benefits all of society.                 




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There are currently 80 photos of Renata Leuffen available for free public use and free use for journalists and media on Pinterest.     

PHOTOS OF RENATA LEUFFEN ON PINTEREST  http://www.pinterest.com/renataleuffen/



                       SINGER AND SONGWRITER
Renata Leuffen started a career as a Singer and Songwriter in March 2014 and released her 3 Debut Albums:
Indie Radio in New York with an audience of over 300,000 listeners was the first radio station that played a song by Renata Leuffen and it chose "I Grow Love" from the album "I GROW LOVE".
Listen for free to songs by Renata Leuffen on http://www.reverbnation.com/renataleuffen


The music albums by Renata Leuffen are available for download and as CDs on Amazon and iTunes and other outlets worldwide.


Renata Leuffen's Vision Of The Unbearable Pain Of The Women In The Fog And The Necessity For Justice And Judgement


A philosopher's pladoyer to stop causing pain because we take our pain from Earth with us into eternity


Renata Leuffen had an interview with a current Senior Executive at SAP AG, Oracle's main rival. The interview was so bad and distressing, that the dead literally showed up. Renata saw a fog with the contours of dead women.
I want to share a vision that has affected me very deeply and changed my life forever.  
This vision came to me on the 13th June 2013. It was during the moments that I was all alone in a room with the current Head of Cloud/Line of Business UKI at SAP and Member of the SAP Executive Team, Mr Mark McCarthy. He took me through a traumatic stress sex interview. The impact of what I experienced went so deep that it lifted my writer’s block of more than 20 years and made me wonder what’s going on within the IT industry, why the IT industry does not have an implementation of equality for women and what’s going on at the world’s third largest software company, SAP.
 Here is what I saw:
The vision starts when I feel so low that I can’t go lower emotionally. I believe that Mr McCarthy went too far and crossed over a sacred threshold and triggered something.
I feel as if a bucket of injustice is being poured out over my head. It is as if a grey hand is coming out of nowhere, another world that is there but that cannot be seen with human eyes. It is an evil, a wicked hand. I feel as if something or someone hits me.
I am under attack. I am in a battle.
I am in great pain. I am in shock. And the pain and the shock are totally unexpected. 
It sit on my chair and I observe what’s happening but, at the same time I am somewhere else. 
And all happens so quick, so fast.
With my spiritual eye I see a fog on my left side and in the fog I see the contours of human bodies. I believe that these bodies are the bodies of women. I understand intuitively that these women were once all in the same situation that I am now in. That they had a destiny and that another human being stopped them and deranged their destinies. I feel the pain of being a human being with a deranged destiny. My destiny is being deranged as I sit there. It is a terrible feeling. I am so helpless. I am so vulnerable. There is no one there to help me. I am frozen with shock.
The way in which this stress sex interview is being conducted is too much for me. It is designed to cause me pain and it achieves its purpose. I am like a car on overdrive. Or a plane that is falling down from the sky and crashing.
The women in the fog had talents, were gifted and had a destiny on Earth. However, they were never able to fulfil their destinies because they were hindered. I feel undescribable grief. These souls suffer. I never knew that pain can go so deep. Can pain kill a human being? 
Someone discriminated the women. Someone shut the door right in their face and the tragedy is that the door never opened again and the women were looking for a new door but could not find a new door because they became trapped in a psychological prison of silence, shame, fear, false guilt, hatred, self pity, anger and hopelessness. 
Shame. The deadly poison. Disgrace. The murder weapon. 
The women were sexually attacked like me. Perhaps they agreed to have sex with the man who demanded sex from them or perhaps they refused, I don’t know. This derangement of human destinies is a big issue. There are people everywhere who believe that the rightful course of their lives was altered because a person in the power position made a decision against them and threw them off course. What a tragedy!
It is unbearable to see the dead suffer and in pain. No rest. The women I see have no rest. No peace.
I suffer. Oh, the grief. The grieving women. I never knew that the human soul is so fragile, that it can experience such deep emotional pain. The grief cuts deeply into me, and overwhelms me. 
As I sit there, I am totally overwhelmed. In my entire life, I have never felt such pain, grief of such an intensity. I never knew that a human being can feel such pain. And I never knew that a human being can feel such pain and not go crazy, and stay alive. I have always been a very happy person. I have felt pain and I have felt sad but, I have never come across something like this. Maybe, I have been on the lucky side, are there really people who feel a pain as deep as this...every day? Or, could it be that only the dead can feel this enormous pain...only the dead who know that they have missed their destiny...and their mark? Is this pain the pain that the people experience who end up in the realm that we call hell?
What am I living for? For a career? An illusion of success? For myself? Or, the truth? And can the truth be so sobering? Can the truth wake me up from my dream which I thought was my life?
And, why am I seeing this? Why am I feeling this? It is not really possible to describe this solemn moment in human words.
Did the women in the fog perhaps appear because they wanted to get me and I was about to enter the fog myself and to...disappear from all light forever and to get lost...and to sink in this fog...and spend all eternity together with these women...in a pain that goes beyond human understanding? 
I had divine intervention. Once again. I have survived because of divine intervention. 
Is the history of women on this planet a history of grief and defeat or of joy and triumph? 
The women in the fog were meant to get the jobs that they applied for and the lives and careers and advancements that those jobs would have provided for them. They did not get the jobs. They could not live the lives that they were meant to live. They could not move on. They could not grow. The flame of their lives was extinguished by another human being’s cruelty and lovelessness.
Lovelessness. No mercy. No compassion. I look into McCarthy’s eyes. He delights in my pain. Is this really possible, that a human being causes pain to another human being and then delights in the pain that this human being is feeling? Like a vampire who lives from the blood that he is taking out of a human being's body. 
I am in shock. I witness something that touches my soul deeply. I am so sad. I am sad because of the women. I am sad because of what is being done to me.
I am a victim of injustice and injustice causes pain. I was not made to feel the pain that I am feeling now. 
And there is no one to help me. And there is no one to rescue me. We are alone. No one else is watching, or? There is this silent agreement. That I will stay silent, that no one will ever know. And I feel shame. I am innocent and I suffer. And the shame becomes unbearable. The bucket of shame and injustice poured out over my head. Injustice always leads to shame.
I believe that the women that I see in the vision are dead. If they are dead, how come that they are alive? And how come that they feel grief and pain? 
The women in the vision are indeed in pain. It is a pain so strong and of such a nature and mixed with such grief and sadness, that it breaks my heart. I feel I am dying and I want to die. I cannot bear the feelings of despair of these women. And I am one of them. Innocent. Forever a victim of injustice.
Am I still alive? Or did I already die? Can I live on with something like this? Have I been damned? Do I have a future? Will I ever be able to recover? Can I cope with something like this?
Am I seeing the women and feeling this unbearable pain because something, a part of me, just died? During this stress sex interview? 
I hear a cry with my inner, spiritual ear. A sound. A sound wave of deep, indescribable human pain rolls over me and through eternity. And if I can hear this pain and feel it, then others must be able to hear and feel it as well. Spiritually gifted people on the Earth. The dead in the place that we call Heaven. God Himself. The dead are alive. They live. The women are crying out. A heartbreaking cry. The women are crying out for justice. 
As the color tone of the vision is beige, I associate what I see with the realm where the dead dwell. There are so many women, rows and rows of them. I feel that the women are not free to go wherever they want but that they are trapped. Are they confined to stay in a special realm for the dead with pain? 
I am shocked. I am deeply disturbed. I have always rested in the secure knowledge that I will enter the realm that we call Heaven when I die. I haven’t thought of the other realms and places that exist in the other world. We encounter the real reality when we die. 
My whole world view is changed. I realize suddenly that the job I have applied for has no meaning and no value. The only thing that matters is to prepare myself for eternity and to carry out a work that is important and that has real value. 
I understand intuitively that the issue of morality is one of the biggest issues that humanity is facing today. Moral decay is destroying our planet. Nothing is worse than to have people in power positions who are immoral. I understand that moral decay has no eternal value. Every organization, government and human being who has chosen moral decay,- and moral decay is always a choice,- is a threat to humanity, to the living and to the dead. Moral decay causes disorder. Moral decay is the root of injustice.  
My perception of eternity is adjusted. I was aware of hell and the terrible stories of people who had seen a vision or encountered hell. Are the women in the fog in the realm that we call hell? Or, are they in a different realm, - neither in Heaven nor in hell? Because...I hold my breath, the pain that they carry is imprisoning them to stay in perhaps a kind of intermediate world, the realm of pain? Is there a realm of pain like a waiting room, before the Day of Judgement?
My life is over. I feel I am one of the lost women in the fog. I feel very, very sad. I feel that I have lost something that belonged to me.
Can I live with this pain? I feel like a little lamb that is being brought to the slaughterhouse. I feel deadly wounded. Will I ever recover from this? 
However, as I see and perceive,I feel as if I have permission to look into this realm where the women live, as if someone is letting me see this scene that is beyond what we would describe as a normal sensual experience. It is as if the curtain of eternity has been lifted for a few moments. I am allowed to see what cannot be seen. At least not with natural human eyes.
Have I touched what psychologist Carl Jung called the collective unconsciousness? 
I feel the presence of God and I understand that I will not end up where all these women are, that God is lifting me up and out at this moment of my deepest fall. I am humbled. I was meant to perish but God won’t allow it. I was meant to fall but He holds me up. It is as if God were communicating with me without using any words. I understand that I have been given something that will enable me to go into a different direction, and this something are my talents. I feel very grateful.
I am not dependent on the IT industry. I have talents that will open up other doors and worlds for me. 
Can I stay in the IT industry? Can I remain in an industry where something like this happens?
I understand that these precious women had the door shut to them and they perished. They fell. They could not lift themselves up. They had no alternative. Their lives on earth literally ended when they were abused and rejected. Did they ever tell anyone? 
I feel the pain that the women experience and it is unbearable because it is the pain of the innocent, a pain beyond human words. Are these women locked in for all eternity? Their suffering is so great. I sit there and I don’t know what to do and I don’t know what to say. The women are all innocent. I am shocked, again, because I understand that they never received justice and that they are waiting for justice. How many years have they been waiting and how long will they have to wait...for justice? Gerry Spence, one of America’s most successful lawyers and member of the American Trial Lawyers Hall of Fame, said that the greatest injustice on Earth is to punish the innocent.
But, what happens when the innocent are powerless and the guilty have all the power?
I suddenly feel the love of God towards me and I know that I am greatly loved by God. I feel that he is indeed my rescuer and that he is at work in this terrible situation that was set up to destroy me. I feel that there is someone watching, on the right side of me. There is a person there, his face close to my face. The Holy  Spirit. The Holy Spirit is real to me. He is so kind. He understands me. He cares about me. I am not alone. He has been watching. I have a witness.
Eternity is like a fabric of white light. Like a scroll of light. A film that contains the movies of our lives. My moment of torment is forever recorded in eternity. Yes, there is a scroll that contains every detail of the  history of planet Earth. The truth. And the scroll can be reopened and every event revisited, forever. 
I feel that the Holy Spirit is gasping for breath. He is shocked by what he sees. Like me. And I feel that he feels all the pain that the women feel and that he feels all my pain although at this moment I am unable to fully understand what has happened, what has been done to me. I am numb, like dead. And I wonder and I marvel. How can it be that the Creator can and does feel the pain of human beings? My pain? I am in awe and amazed.
I understand why the Creator hates injustice and loves justice. He is so close to us that He feels our feelings. He suffers when we suffer. This is why He is called the God of grace and mercy. 
As I sit there, almost lifeless and without moving, on my chair, I observe true moral decay and wickedness as it is being displayed by my tormentor during my interview. Is this an interview or have I descended into hell? I think: well, if things have come to this, if things are as bad as they are in this interview room, then the world is in a very bad condition. Then things are really immoral. And I am deeply shocked. I am very concerned. I do not want to live on a planet where something like this happens.
I understand intuitively that everything in my life will change. That the current season of my life has ended. I am sad. And I feel like crying. And I feel like dying.I am convicted.  I feel that humanity is going in the wrong direction. And this grieves me, this  awareness takes hold of my entire being. I feel I have to do something. I feel that eternity does really matter. Eternity and where I will spend it. Nothing is more important than eternity. 
I also perceive that it is essential that every human being operates in his or her calling, the activity and work that they are meant to be doing while they are living on planet Earth. As far as eternity is concerned, we will be judged on whether we lived as the persons that we really are meant to be and whether we expressed and fulfilled our potential. Is our individual calling predetermined? 
The women in the fog have retained their consciousness and what happened on earth to them. And they grieve. And they demand justice. 
I feel, that up to now, that my life has also been going into the wrong direction. I feel convicted. I am deeply convicted. My life must change. I am facing moral decay on one side and eternity on the other, and eternity has the greater weight. I feel that I am supernaturally being taken out of my present life and called. Called to something new. Called out of the things I am in. My life can never be the same.
I cannot go on living as before. I am confronted with the perception that human pain does not end when we leave the earth and die but that we take all our pain with us into the realm that we call eternity. 
I feel like dying. Eternal pain. Pain forever and ever. I cannot stand it. I am totally overwhelmed. Is injustice eternal? 
I feel like flying in mid air. I cannot get back down to Earth. And Heaven is too high up. The unknown is scary but I have no choice. I must stay in mid air until new and higher ground will appear.
I suddenly fear that moment in time that we call the Last Judgement, when all the dead are judged. This Last Judgement becomes suddenly very real to me. I have not really feared it up to now because I know that I will not be judged because of the grace and mercy of God who has already justified me...forever. 
But, what about the women in the fog Where will they spend eternity? What happens with all the people who cannot get into the perfect realm that we call Heaven? Because, if we look at the Word of God, it states clearly that not all people will go to Heaven. Where will you spend eternity?
Heaven or hell, we have the choice. Hell must be similar to what’s going on in this interview. 
I want to die. I don’t want to live anymore. I cannot bear the thought that not everyone is going to Heaven. I cannot stand the reality of the Last Judgement, the most terrible day to come in the history of mankind. 
The Day of Judgement is for the innocent and the guilty. The innocent will receive justice and the guilty eternal punishment. I understand intuitively that there must be a Judgement Day. Without it, the innocent can never find peace. And love demands that the guilty be punished.
I understand intuitively that it makes sense to have a Last or Eternal Judgement if it is true that we human beings take our pain and all the injustices that were done to us and all the injustices that we have committed on earth, with us into eternity.
The Creator administers justice and judgement out of his love and compassion for humanity. Everything will be put right.
Is there a human being who can escape Judgement? Is there a man or a woman who can escape justice?
The dead and the living demand justice. Justice must and will be given. Unless justice is administered, the human soul cannot find rest and stays in pain. And when the innocent suffer, the Creator suffers. 
It would be injustice to let the innocent carry the pain of injustice throughout all eternity.
The women in the fog do remember. They remember the injustice they experienced on Earth. They feel the pain. I feel their pain. Do they feel my pain? Am I seeing this vision because the women can feel my pain? Are they appearing out of eternity because of my pain? Is my pain attracting them? 
Could it be that they appeared because they are very upset about what is being done to me?
Or, is the reason why I am supernaturally being made aware of the women’s pain that I am called and instructed and commanded to stop pain? 
I sit there and the man who puts me through this stress sex interview has no clue what’s going on, and neither do I. This is supernatural. 
There are two ways to establish justice:one way is to obtain justice and compensation on Earth, and the other way is to obtain justice and compensation in the realm of eternity that we enter after we die. I believe that it is much better for the offender to be convicted and punished here on earth than to get away with it and then be convicted and punished after death. Why? Because I believe that an offender can receive mercy on earth, but there will be no mercy after death. An offender has the chance to change his and the victim’s eternal destiny while still on earth. There is no such chance after death. The punishment after death for the offender is so heavy and great, that no person in their right mind would ever want to experience it.
How will the Last Judgement be? It will be gruesome to watch, both for the accused and the innocent. 
Is there such a thing as true and real justice? Yes, the Word of God as compiled in the Bible, says there is.
Justice is real. Justice is the foundation of life. The foundation on which this universe is built. The fabric of which eternity is made.
And punishment is real. There are no excuses. And there is no escape.
If this is so, then it does not make any sense to cause any pain to any human being because everyone who causes pain will be punished, either here on earth or in eternity. We actually determine the course of our lives in eternity through every decision and action on earth. 
I want to make a pladoyer to stop causing pain. To stop causing pain to anyone, whether human or animal. The human soul was not made for pain. We are so fragile. We are so much in need of acceptance and love. 
Whoever causes pain disturbes the peace of the universe and shall not go unpunished. Justice is always given in love if it is rightly given and this means that eternity is the realm of love. 
Whoever causes pain does so because he or she lacks the knowledge of the truth and doesn't really know what he or she is doing.
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Austrian Philosopher Gregor Flock presents a very interesting and elaborate view on the meaning of life in his paper "The Meaning of Life" which is worth reading: https://www.academia.edu/6156728/The_Meaning_of_Life



We Live In Dangerous Times: England And The US Need To Drive Social Change And Justice Before It Is Too Late

This article deals with the leadership roles of England for Europe and of the US for the world 


Renata Leuffen views time like a scroll that is rolled out and then again closed. She believes that everything that happens on our planet is recorded for all eternity.


The history of humanity on planet Earth is like a scroll that has been opened at one point in time and that will be closed at a specific point in time. And when the scroll is closed our history and purpose on planet Earth will be forever finished. Every event in history, every human life from birth to death, has been recorded in the scroll of eternity and exists forever and can always be revisited. Nothing in this universe gets lost. Nothing and no one just disappears. We live in a universe that is meticulously organized.

It is not likely that humanity will live forever on planet Earth. The Earth is our temporary home, and at a set point in time, the Earth will cease to exist. That is the way of all material creation, it has a beginning and it has an end.

The Earth is a creation. We are creations. The whole universe is a creation. We are not the ultimate creator but we have been given the wonderful freedom to create our own individual worlds and our society and to decide what is to be and what is not to be on our planet. If we look around we may sense that we are not using our power of choice to our best advantage.

Everything that we see in society is a creation of the human mind. We have created specific and unique societies in the 193 countries of this world, and there are only 2 countries that have the strength to lead humanity into a new and better future: England and the US. England is to lead Europe, and the US are to lead the world.

Germany and France lack the spirit of liberty and social innovation that is essential for  pan European leadership. They are too risk adverse. They are too set in their ways. England has the advantage that it is an early adopter of change and that it is still a good ground for new ideas. The US have always been at the forefront of social change.

The question is: will England and the US lead or will they fail to help humanity to make the progress that is essential in the coming years and decades? The advancement of humanity is not only material but also moral, educational, emotional and spiritual.

We need to develop a new vision for our planet and the role and purpose of humanity in this universe.

The problem that we have is that both England and the US are currently not taking all of the steps that are essential for world peace, like keeping Russia and Iran in check and preventing Russia from invading another Eastern European country and Iran from building nuclear and chemical weapons. Any weakness here could be fatal.

Then we have the spectacular population and economic growth of China and India and the fact that they consume massive resources. For example, China uses more than 53% of the world’s cement.¹ However, neither China nor India can lead the world. Their world view is too restricted and China is not a stable democracy.

The greatest hindrance to the progress of humanity is poverty which goes hand in hand with the lack of knowledge how to create wealth. It is a cause for concern that world poverty has not been abolished. ATD Fourth World Founder Joseph Wresinski said that, “Extreme poverty is the work of mankind and only mankind can destroy it.” ² According to UNICEF, 22,000 children die each day around the world because of poverty.³

What about the growing poverty in the developed countries? The UC Davis Center for Poverty Research states that there were 42.6 million poor people in the US in 2012.⁴ That’s almost half a billion!

World poverty is an example that shows that all is not well. All is not well with humanity and our planet. No matter how much we motivational speakers motivate, we all know deep in our hearts that things are pretty wrong and alarming. But we motivate because our clients pay us and we have made the decision to be positive.

The question is: if everyone of us would be able to see clearly and fully all the poverty, starvations, oppression, injustice, human suffering, discontent and deceptions that are going on daily, who would still want to live on planet Earth?

If we believe that all is well, then we are only deceiving ourselves. However, there is no one who wants to tell us how bad things really are and that they are perhaps already so bad that they are irreversible and a catastrophe is inevitable.

Can and will humanity survive on planet Earth and in this universe? And, could we manage to thrive instead of just survive?

We could be the last generation that inhabits planet earth. A nuclear bomb or a meteor or climate change or other factors could terminate life anytime. Professor Steven Hawking believes that humanity will only survive if we colonize space. He calls our Earth a fragile planet.⁵

Then there are the dangers that are inherent in new technologies like advanced machine intelligence which could destroy humanity.⁶

We live in dangerous times because we live in an era of deception, no one wants to admit how bad things really are and that they are getting worse and worse.

One of the greatest problems of our time is that people lack either the time or the inclination to think, or both. Too many people live on the ideas of other people and never develop their own. Too many of us feel comfortable with letting other people think for us.

We are a disconnected society despite all the new technologies like internet and mobile phones.

We are a society where the majority of people are suffering and are either trying to put the fragments of their lives together or have already resigned and given up hope of ever receiving healing and happiness.

The multitudes die without having ever truly lived. Most people are spiritually asleep or even dead and do never experience true freedom and contentment. We have become masters at lying to ourselves and numbing our consciousness.

We are a consumer society where the worth of a human being is valued according to how much money a person has and how many things he or she can buy. We try to buy happiness, and we fail.

Maybe it is already too late to change things? And perhaps England and the US do not want to renew themselves and establish a sound moral foundation? All hinges on the right foundation and on the determination and power of England and the US to commit themselves to the progress of humanity.

If England and the US do not get their act together and if people with the potential to think new and big ideas continue to spend their lives as bored and stressed out employees who have no time to truly live and think, then we might be doomed to face the worst days that humanity has ever experienced and even the extinction of human life. Let us hope that this will never happen.


¹ http://www.businessinsider.com/jeremy-grantham-commodity-prices-2011-6?op=1

² http://www.atd-fourthworld.org/What-causes-extreme-poverty.html

³ http://www.globalissues.org/article/715/today-21000-children-died-around-the-world




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Finding Inner Peace And Ourselves: Our First Obligation Is To Ourselves And To Get Our Lives In Order 

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.”

Jimi Hendrix



If we live somewhere in an industrialized nation, we are usually always busy. We have beautiful homes but no time to enjoy them. We have the money to buy good and nourishing food but often we are too busy to eat. Our bookshelves are filled with new and interesting books but we don’t read them because we are working all day and tired in the evenings and too busy at the weekends. We suffer from the syndrome of busyness. Does this sound familiar? 
If we live anywhere in the developing world, then we may have plenty of time but no money. We may sit at the beach and watch the sunrise and spend the afternoons idly at home. Or, we may work 40 to 70 hours per week and be a work slave and live just for the paycheck that we get.
Our life situations and circumstances vary. However, unless we live somewhere in the countryside, we are constantly bombarded with information, messages and noise. We have to filter information out because we could not survive if we would take all the information overload in.
We all need peace. Peace is our strength. We need to rest and spend some time with just ourselves and do  what we love to do. And simply be quiet. Still. 
We need to discover the wonder of who we are. We need to understand what we like and what we need to be happy. We need to understand that we are meant to be different from anyone else and then to embrace our uniqueness. 
Too often, we care too much about everyone else and neglect ourselves. And then we pay the price of being burned out.
We work too much. We rush from one activity to the next. We are always performing, always under pressure. We live our lives in the fast lane and this means that we can hardly relax. We are constantly restless. 
We focus often on things that do not really matter as seen from a long-term ot eternal perspective. We are being controlled by time instead of making time our obedient servant.
The life that we have is first a gift that was given to us to enjoy, and then a gift that we freely give to the world. We are free men and free women. We don’t have to prove anything to anyone.
We have been raised to be “a good boy” or a “good girl” and to make other people feel good and to put their needs before ours and this creates disharmony in us. We cannot have peace if we are constantly thinking about other people and their needs and their demands on us. We cannot sacrifice our lives for others. We cannot be happy if we neglect our own needs. If we feel guilty when we relax and do nothing or give ourselves a treat, then we are running on the wrong program and we have to stop it and put in a new disc that allows us to enjoy life, ourselves and the moment.
The goal is to live in harmony with ourselves and then in harmony with other people. Feeling and experiencing peace anchors us in the now. We are consciously alive in the present moment. This is a powerful state.
We cannot find our inner peace and maintain it if we don’t develop a strategy for peace, and this on a daily basis. This could be that we reserve an hour of power with just ourselves every morning or evening. It is essential that we realize that we help humanity most and make our biggest contribution if we get our lives in order. If we manage to be self sufficient, to be a healthy individual and to not cause pain and distress to others, then we are creating peace in this world. And we will be more productive and better communicators if we have peace.
We are meant to live in peace. Peace is defined as 1)freedom from disturbance and the state of tranquillity, 2)mental or emotional calm, 3)a state or period in which there is no war or war has ended, and 4)the state of being free from civil disorder. We have to end the war that we have been waging against ourselves. We have to make peace with ourselves and accept who we are. We got to see our weaknesses through the eyes of love. 
Peace is a decision. We can choose to let go of the stress and unrest and choose instead peace and rest. Educator and Speaker Stephen Covey phrased it this way,”The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule but to schedule your priorities.” We got to focus on our own priorities and live our lives right.
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How The Concept Of Eternity Could Revolutionize Our Education System
This article presents the view that human life is eternal. What would happen if we educators and teachers adopted the vision that each pupil and student lives forever? How would the thought that we are education and teaching our children and young adults for eternity impact us? If our consciousness and personalities will never cease to be, then we might as well might the journey through our education system as pleasant as possible and stop using fear and intimidation. Perhaps every pupil and student and we ourselves matter so much more than we think. Education is something to be enjoyed.  
If you are a school teacher, what do you think when you look at your pupils?  And, if you are a professor, what do you think when you talk to a group of students?

Everyone in the Education System is subject to some curriculum, more or less free, as if freedom could be administered in different portions. The truth is, education is either free or it is captivity. The question is whether our children can ever discover the true meaning of life if we raise them in captivity.

But, I hear someone argue, you do not understand: there are all these pressures. The government has its own set of interests, the students have their own agenda and the parents have their special expectations. And we, the teachers, are just the delivery machine, we are supposed to deliver information and knowledge, no matter how irrelevant and antiquated and biased, so that we can then administer tests and exams and grade our students.

Do we have an education system or only the illusion of it? We are all weighed down because our own minds are bent under the weight of ideologies and concepts that attempt to make sense of life and to give meaning to it without ever granting us true freedom and happiness. Is what’s happening perhaps that we are entangled in lies and that our education system is just a tool to get our children used to the idea of never being themselves and afraid of freedom?

What would happen if we would believe that human life starts on this earth, then transcends the earth and exists forever? This means, we are born, we die and we continue to live in another dimension and atmosphere? The earth becomes only a playground with lots of toys for development and discovery like starting a company and growing it or being a scientist or an actor.

It is amazing that we have sex education and all sorts of learning modules but not a sound knowledge about what happens when and after we die and what our eternal destiny is.

Our education system is deeply influenced by our concept and understanding of life. Do we live on this planet and then just cease to be when we die? Or, do we just pass through this planet and then relocate to another planet without death, sickness, poverty and all the ills that plague humanity?

It is remarkable how little if not at all, our education system is concerned with the truth. The truth of life. The truth of who we really are. The truth of our decisions. The truth of our thoughts. And the truth of what kind of people we produce with our current education system.

It is a mystery why we give so much power and influence to our large corporations and permit them to crush the rights of individuals. Not that corporations are bad as such but isn’t it time that they would become humane and serve humanity and its spiritual and emotional needs? Too many corporations operate in an inhumae fantasy world, pretending to serve shareholder interests while forgetting that we are all shareholders.

How would we treat ourselves if we were certain that death is only the door to a bigger and better life? That we will always keep learning and growing, without end? That life itself is the curriculum and that being human means expansion in the ocean of unlimited knowledge and possibilities?

How would we evaluate and engage with our pupils and students if we would believe that we will one day see them again, on the other side of eternity, the invisible reality beyond the death experience? Would such a contemplation make us more merciful, more generous and encourage us to give out higher grades?

And, how would we view our role as teachers and educators if we believed that we are preparing our children for eternal life? Would we still be impatient with the slow learners? Would we continue to reject children who are “different” ? Would we be more considerate as to what exactly we are teaching our children and start to be unwilling to just entertain instead of nurturing and challenging them?

Would we realize how important the teaching profession is, and how grossly underpaid?  Would we see the conflict between an education system that serves the interests of a temporal government (all governments on earth are only temporal) as opposed to an education system that serves the eternal destiny of every child and the progress of humanity?

Our disposition towards life and eternity determines our teaching style and influences how we see ourselves and our students. What are we actually engaged in when we play  this game that we call education?

Do you remember one of these first warm days at the seaside  in early spring and some children playing an innocent ball game while the waves are beating against the shores and the sound of the water running over the pebbles and rocks is so relaxing and everything looks so fine and right in the sunshine and you think that the children fit perfectly into the beautiful scenery because there is such harmony between them and the environment? Their carelessness is so refreshing and the way that they throw the ball is so natural?

The conflict of our time is that there is currently disharmony between our education system and life. Our education system opposes life as it is meant to be. At the root of this evil lies our devaluation of human life per se. We teachers and educators do not really value and appreciate every student in the way that is appropriate and this is because another agenda, that of a mostly unenlightened government and other interest groups, has been forcefully put over our own ideals and ideas which are mostly more benign than theirs and because they write the paycheck, we obey.

If our education system is ever to improve and change, then we, the teachers and educators, must take the initiative and formulate, test, execute and implement the changes. This means, that we need to educate our government and corporations, about our needs and the needs of the next generation that we are educating.

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